Saturday, 12 May 2012

What's New

Hi Everyone,

I want to start by saying sorry to anyone who has come to see this weeks tag for Tag Tuesday cos I'm afraid I have'nt made one this week. The theme was  'Baking'  which failed to inspire me,  I'm sorry to say. So instead I thought I would have a go at somethiong new. (Well, to me anyway).

I thought I would try my hand at making some Inchies. They are little works of art that can me made out of anything really as long as they are an inch in size. For those people who find it hard to work to an inch there are  also Inchie +  or Betwinchies (1.5" x 1.5") and  Twinchies (2" x 2").

 I really enjoyed doing these.

The top and the bottom inchie were made from Fabric Paper and glued onto heavy card The  pieces of torn text are panted with lumiere paints and are embelished with little pastel coloured hearts.

If you look closely at the middle one you will see a number in the middle. That is because it was a piece from a page which was previously painted and I just liked the pattern in that particular place on the page so I used it. Some silk tops represent the land and the sea and I used a stamp of tiny birds in the top corner.

I hope you can follow my discriptions okay. I know there must be a better way of labelling these photo's but. as I'm new to this blogging I have not yet mastered the layout techniques.

I also tried my hand at something else that was new to me. I had a try at dyeing some fabric with red onion skins. I thought that the result would be pink or pale purple but after boiling the onion skins for about five minutes I could see that it would probably be brown .

I put a piece of cotton fabric and  some cotton scrim in a jar with the cold onoin water and left it for three days and this was the result :-

I am happy with the result.

I have had some difficulty posting my pictures  today. They seem to want to turn around the wrong way for some reason, if anyone knows why that would be happening I would be grateful for any tips.

Bye for now xx


  1. Hi Carol, just to let you know I did pop by to see your baking tag lol ... sorry I didn't inspire you this week ... maybe next time with gardening or "found objects" eh? lol :o)

    I'm glad I did pop by though as these inchies are absolutely gorgeous ... little works of art

    Have a great week ahead Carol
    best wishes, Carolyn x

  2. I love these inchies - I've never heard of inchies before - but they are so sweet. I love working small so they would suit me really well! I love the middle one with the birds - beautiful, and I love the little heart buttons you used.

  3. Wow, I love your work, Fuzzie Fingers! I've never made inchies, and I havent' done that many tags either... I adore the little tiny seascape... They are exquisite! I used to do a bit of natural dying years ago with my hand-spun wool, and onion skins were great. With a lot of the natural products, if you use a different mordant you get a totally different colour! I also experimented with chemical dyes and with mixing, got some fabulous subtle colours. I really must get going on that again. I did small quantities, in the microwave! Awesome fun.

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, and for your anniversary greetings! We had a lovely day out together at the museum and I found loads to inspire the artistic muse! I love my new letter stamps, and the little box is so sweet, and keeps them neat and tidy. I deliberately printed the sentiment uneavenly to give a more vintage look on the card. I expect there is a way to get them even but I havent' found it yet!! I am sure I am going to use these stamps a lot.


  4. I haven't done any 'inchies' work yet but whenever I see them I think that I should! This is a delightful piece and I particularly like the front cover of your little book. I did natural dye techniques many years ago as a student and you can get some amazing results - something else I should have another go at!