Sunday, 17 March 2013

It Started with a Mouse Mat.

Hi there,
I just wanted to share with you the end product of what started out as an experiment with a mouse mat.

I have been looking online at peoples mono prints using a Gelli Plate. Unfortunately I don't own one so I had an idea of using a soft mouse mat instead. Let me just say that it was no substitute. Here are the best of the results.

Anyway, afterwards I was left with some paper with leftover paint on  so I decided to do something with it. This is how it looked after I painted on some gesso.

Then after a few more layers of paint and a bit of stenciling it looked like this.

I didn't like it so I covered it with Pan Pastels leaving circles with some of the original design showing.

I started to get a liking for it but  still wasn't sure so after a few more changes using more acrylic, dye based watercolour paints (used for the drips) ,oil pastels and cut out circles from leftover painted papers, this is the final result.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the process. Your comments are very welcome.

Thank you  for visiting x


  1. What a lot of fun you had with all this and I love the end result. I too have been looking at peoples work with gelli plates and have no idea about it, lol, but I do know I like the results they get. Always so intriguing and colourful and I would say, definitely, the result of lots of fun time. Hoping you've had a great weekend, :0) Mo x

  2. like your end result with the mouse mat but my fav one is with the gesso over it. I havent got a gelli plate as I prefer to just scrape paint, use stencils, household objects to make paint backgrounds. I usually just put classic fm on and it seems to give me ideas when I am painting...thanks so much for your comment on my recent painting

  3. sometimes it doesn't matter how you get there the end result is stunning and I bet you enjoyed just playing and learning

    thanks for your comment on the St. Ives video Carol xx

  4. I think I like the one with the steciling on it best. I think also the mouse pad worked pretty good. And a lot cheaper. These days everyone (myself mostly) has to think about $$$. I have some old crafty magic glue pads I going to try out. Let you know how that works. Love your blog. and do keep giving the tutorials. I for one am new at the art journaling and can use any tips available. Thanks a million
    Mary ~

  5. I've wondered about Gelli plates too, but I think what you have come up with here is great! I liked it after the stenciling :)

  6. You can find instructions to make your own plate here:

    written info here:

    and video here:

    looks like fun I think Ill give a go!

  7. Your papers are beautiful! I especially like the second one. Thanks for visiting my blog. You didn't leave an e-mail for me to respond back to your comment. Thanks for visiting and taking the time to reach out.

    I am happy I put my "Queen" out there. I can't do perfect so I decided to just see where things took me. I love her and she might show up one day as a greeting card or print or who knows what!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. I loved seeing the process pictures and it turned out beautifully! You don't even need the gelli plate! although they do look like fun. I actually have one and haven't used it. I keep saving it for a day when I have lots of time to play, and that hasn't seemed to happen...I am always so hesitant about starting something new!