Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Drawing Faces

I have been wanting to add faces to my artwork for a while now but been hesitant about it.

I have been looking at the faces that Dina Wakley has been posting on her blog and decided to just grab a scrap of paper and a charcoal pencil and scribble down a face. I decided to take the plunge and record my journey of drawing faces and hopefully, with practice, you will see an improvement .


I have not gone in and perfected it. I have just left it as it was first drawn.

Thanks for visiting and  your comments are very welcome.

Bye for now x

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Dina Inspired

Hi Everyone,

I have just recently become the proud owner of Dina Wakley's new book 'Art Journal Freedom'.
The book is about colour and composition and in my opinion it is 'fantastic'!! I was in great need of some advise on this subject and I have been unable to put it down.

I have done two pieces using what I have learned from this book . The first was my version of an excercise from the book.

The silhouette was an image cut out of a magazine and the letters and numbers on the left were created with a stencil and gel meduim which acts as a resist when thin acrylic paint is applied. Fans of Dina's style will notice that I have left out the hand written journalling. This is because I was so pleased with the result that I was scared of spoiling it . I need more practice in that department before I feel confident enough to apply it to the finished piece.

I think this is my favourite page out of all the pages I have done since I started Art Journaling (Although this isn't in a journal. It is just on a piece of paper).
I used Brusho Spray, acrylic paint and the image was a free downloadable image I found on Tim Holtz's website.

I coloured her dress and her bow in green Sharpie pen and gave her little pink cheeks using Pan Pastel.

Thank you for visiting and bye for now x.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

My Little Pocket Sketchbook

I have finally managed to make my little sketchbook which I mentioned in a previous post.

It measures 6"x5" and the cover is made of  watercolour paper which I painted etc. as mentioned in my previous post. I applied a layer of acrylic wax to seal it and bound it with thick black thread which I coated with some Dorland's wax. I did not have any waxed thread (which is ideally used for book binding ) so I thought I would try coating the thread with the wax to see if it helped to stop it from slipping as I tied it and it did seem to make a difference.

For the inside of the cover I decorated a page from a glossy magazine in a similar design and attached it with some gel medium. The paper inside is not watercolour paper but a cheaper heavyweight paper which stands up pretty well to mixed media.

I am looking forward to working in it and will share the completed pages both here on my blog and on The Sketchbook Friends Flickr page.

Thank's for visiting.x

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Two Tags

Hi Everyone,

It has been a long time since I have made a tag so I thought I would get out my Brusho Sprays and some paint and have a play. I had no plan in mind I just added some colour to a couple of tags I cut out myself from some card.

I first sprayed some Brusho Sprays to a sheet on my pallette pad and mopped the colours up with the tags.

I then added some acrylic paint with a pallette knife.
After some more layers which included some modelling paste, stamping and some Treasure Gold they ended up looking like this.

I have started to put together my little sketchbook mentioned in a previous post and I hope to share it with you in my next post.

Bye for now. x

Wednesday, 3 April 2013


Just wanted let you know that if you are visiting my blog and it looks a bit strange. It is because I decided to try and make some changes to the basic template and as I have previously mentioned I am not very technical and have already made a mess of it by downloading a picture for the header which is too big.  I can't seem to revert back to the original so I am currently trying to re-size the original image so I can try again.

So if you visit and everything looks a bit strange bare with me as I try and get to grips with it.

Wish me luck. x

Monday, 1 April 2013

Hi, I thought I would just share with you a couple of pics of my latest little creation.

I picked up a piece of watercolour paper that was left over when I made my Art Journal 'Hearts and Flowers' and got out some stencils and stamps and this was the result.

This was how it looked at first but I didn't like the heavy circles in  the bottom right hand corner. So I went over them with gesso and before it dried I wiped it off with a baby wipe.

You will notice that it wiped away the little white flowers that you can see in the previous image and now that I look at it again I may add some back in.

This piece measures 6"x10" and folded in half it is a nice size for the cover of a little pocket sketchbook so I think that is what I will use it for.

I want send a big THANK YOU to those of you that have been kind enough to leave such lovely comments. They are very much appreciated.

Bye for now x