Saturday, 20 April 2013

My Little Pocket Sketchbook

I have finally managed to make my little sketchbook which I mentioned in a previous post.

It measures 6"x5" and the cover is made of  watercolour paper which I painted etc. as mentioned in my previous post. I applied a layer of acrylic wax to seal it and bound it with thick black thread which I coated with some Dorland's wax. I did not have any waxed thread (which is ideally used for book binding ) so I thought I would try coating the thread with the wax to see if it helped to stop it from slipping as I tied it and it did seem to make a difference.

For the inside of the cover I decorated a page from a glossy magazine in a similar design and attached it with some gel medium. The paper inside is not watercolour paper but a cheaper heavyweight paper which stands up pretty well to mixed media.

I am looking forward to working in it and will share the completed pages both here on my blog and on The Sketchbook Friends Flickr page.

Thank's for visiting.x


  1. Gorgeously made! I love your inside picture too. I'm looking forward to seeing what you put in it :)
    Hope you're enjoying a fab weekend :0) Mo

  2. That is a pretty book.
    Thanks for your positive comment,I half expect to get some adverse comments for using bleach. It is smelly but not as bad as decolourant(I threw my bottle away); if we had sunny dry days we could work outside, fine chance.