Friday, 25 October 2013

A Look Back at Textiles.

I am looking forward to going to The Knitting and Stitch Show at Harrogate next month and have realized that I have been neglecting my textile work recently due to concentrating on my Art Journal. I decided to look back at some things I have done in the past and came across a piece that fits in with my recent fascination with drawing faces.

This was something I did whilst practicing freehand machine embroidery.

I don't know what the squiggle is in the right hand bottom corner is. I think it may be part of a hand.

I was taught this technique at my textile class. You choose an image from a magazine and temporarily attach it to your fabric.I used low tack masking tape. You then you trace the image using the sewing machine. It sounds easier than it is. You than remove the image tearing it away from the stitching. This was my first and only attempt to date but it  would be good to have another go at this technique.

Here are some more pics of practice pieces of freehand machine embroidery.

They are mounted in a little handmade book and the pages were stained with Brusho and the design of the stitches was carried over onto the page using pen.

I also came across this little handmade felt picture I made of a little sheep.

I think it would look good hanging from a piece of wooden doweling or a twig rather than behind a piece glass. I must get around to mounting it.

Back soon with some more journal pages.......or maybe some textiles.


  1. Brilliant ideas. I'd have a go if I had a machine, but I've shared this with Lynn Holland, she'll love it too :0)

  2. I do love it Mo.
    I think you might like the work of textile artist Anne Brookes, I've been on one of her stitch collage workshops today