Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Two for the Price of One.

Oh dear! I didn't manage to post in time for yesterday. Still, I am pleased that I have managed to keep up with my faces as well as I have done.

When I first came across the 29 Faces challenge last year I was a bit scared to join in (that sounds drastic doesn't it?) because:

 a)  I wasn't sure how to link up (as I'm not very technically minded)


b) I didn't think I was capable of working quick enough to complete a face a day.

But all the information you need to link up is over on the blog and following the instructions  is easy. So if you missed out on the challenge this time for one or both of the above reasons then click on the button in the sidebar and read all about the challenge and I recommend you have a go next time.

Well, today I am playing catch up and have two faces for you.

Face no. 24

Face no. 25

Before I participated in this challenge I would never have completed both these faces in such a short space of time.

No time for procrastination in the 29 Faces Challenge. x


  1. So happy you joined the challenge. I too had reservations mainly regarding time. I also dislike rushing pieces so the time restrictions for me are tough. Another great pair of faces. I love the second one. I notice the bubble wrap background. I love bubble wrap!! :)

  2. I also wanted to join in last year but didn't think it could be done, we both surprised ourselves didn't we...... Love your two new faces and their great backgrounds. Annette x


  3. wonderful faces! particularly like the first one, it makes me wonder if she is trying to remember a maths puzzle!

  4. Lovely faces, and great backgrounds on both of them - I love the monochrome look of the first one.

  5. These two are fabulous. I like the way you have made them into pictures, not just painted faces.