Wednesday, 25 June 2014


There is not much on my work desk today.

I have however set out a few bits that I plan on using for an idea I've had to make a little book from a tag. I am still trying to decide on a theme and whether to make it a concertina book.

I still haven't finished my 6"x12" canvas. I have not been in the right frame of mind to finish her, what with all the technical challenges I've had over the past few days. Which you can read about in my last couple of posts if your interested.

Last night I sat down to watch something on catch up but it wouldn't play.  I went to bed tearing my hair out ....again!... But this morning I googled the problem, plucked up the courage to re-boot the router and 'touch wood' it is now working again.

Then I fired up my laptop and 'Hooray' my Reader List for the blogs I follow is working again. Having said all that, seeing as I don't have much to show you this week I thought I would share a little 'doodle girl' I did with charcoal pencil and a palette knife.

 The reason being because she 'LOOKS HOW I FEEL!!'

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  1. Ooh, that little book sounds delightful - I can't wait to see what you do with the idea. I love the palette knife girl - I really like the freedom of the marks and the simple colour scheme - beautiful and effective. Lovely to see you stop by my desk this week, hope you have a great week and your technological frustrations don't get the better of you!

  2. Love your little doodle girl and look foward to seeing what you decide to create with the things you've shown us.
    Hope you have a fun week.
    Gillian #65

  3. Bless you - I've been having internet difficulties... someone said it was because a zodiac sign/planet was in retrograde...
    Anyway, glad you got to join in today :)
    Happy WOYWW x
    no. 19

  4. Love the doodle girl. Bowled over that you created her with just a charcoal pencil and a palette knife! Mars has been in retrograde which could be the reasons for your internet problems. Diane #75

  5. Well, Fuzzie, if I looked like your lovely doodly girlie after such a bad day, I'd be very pleased! She's lovely. I love the idea of your little book too. Sorry you've been struggling with your router etc. and hope all is now working properly. Thanks for your visit, and thanks also for your good wishes - my health problems have been ongoing for ages and it's nice to know something is being done to alleviate the symptoms somewhat - I feel very encouraged. I won a foot massager on Ebay tonight - practically new and very good value, and I've also had it confirmed that I am anaemic, so on iron. All these things should make me feel a lot better soon.

    Nothing on my workdesk this week except a mess - my whole ARTHaven is back in dumping ground mode, which is why I haven't taken part in WOYWW this week!

    Have a good week.

  6. Hope you feel better soon, she looks like she just got messy whilst painting
    Bridget #35

  7. Hi Fuzzie, love the doodle girl she looks as though she is pondering over what to do next, know how she feels.
    Thanks for stopping by at mine and happy crafting, a\ngela x #43

  8. Oh I know just how she feels.... you do a marvelous job just using charcoal and your palette knife. Have a lovely week.
    Sandra de @56

  9. Looking forward to seeing your kraft and butterflies when they're made in to something.
    Hope you have a stressless weekend
    Had a bit of spare time and thought I'd check out a few more desks :)

  10. It's like a car isn't technology - great when it works. My husband is often telling me to read the manual (or as you did, google the thing), but sometimes..I can't understand the solution! I so feel your frustration..but smile at your sketch..what a fab way to be able to express yourself!

  11. Those butterflies are cute and can't wait to see how you'll transform them in to something gorgeous :) loving your workspace too, looks like a restful place to work x

  12. pleased to hear all is now working well I hope it still is.doodle girl is sweet and its greta way to express yourself i wish i was more artisitic .I cant wait to see what
    you do with those buterflies and crafty bits ...sorry its taken me a week to visit .. just in time for another wednesday!..hugs andrea #28