Monday, 27 October 2014


At last I can show the finished mixed media piece that I have been working on recently.

The Gift
mixed media on card

I have been so indecisive over this piece and I am relieved that she is finally finished. 

Hope you like her. x 


  1. She looks as if she is a very confident young lady. Therefore, it is not surprising that she has shown exactly what she wants to look like!

  2. Oh Carol, she is wonderful! I agree with Susi, she looks quite confident in herself, and that is wonderful also, as is the cute wee birdie. Do you have plans to have any of your work printed on cards by any chance? Thay would be great. ((hugs)) :o) xx

  3. I agree with Twinkle Toes! These would make great cards! ♥♥♥ (she's lovely, BTW)

  4. Sorry you agonised so much about this picture, Fuzzie but she was well worth all the angst - she's perfect. I thought she was great at every step.

    Thanks for your visit and your insightful comment - funnily enough my original plan was to stick the woven paper piece down onto black card. Maybe that's what I'll end up doing after all. I've definitely decided to cut it out anyway. Hate it as it is!!