Friday, 10 October 2014

I'm late, I'm late........

....for a very important date.

Yes it is Paint Party Friday soon after last week.

I have been working on a piece of mail art over the past few days which I can't share with you at the moment as the blog friend it is intended for may see it and it will spoil the surprise. But today I have been having a play with some moldable foam stamps.

If you haven't come across them before they are blocks of foam which when heated with a heat tool can be pressed into a textured surface which results in some truly individual stamps.
Now like a lot of things I buy they hung around for a while before I actually got around to trying them. At first I wasn't too impressed and I put them aside. But I had tried to draw a pattern onto them but it just dragged the surface. Now I realize the correct way is to impress the pattern into it and now I am loving them.

Once you have used them you just heat them up and the surface returns to its original state ready to impress a new pattern into it and 'hey presto' you have a new stamp.

I have only got as far as 'mark making' with them because I wanted to at least have something to show you today but can't wait to get started on a project.

This was a leaf shape which is what I had originally drawn on as mentioned earlier and because it was scraped into it, it stayed visible after I heated it again and then I impressed some coiled wire over it.  (But when the pattern is impressed into it it does disappear when heated again.)

Here are a couple of more prints.

For those of you that visited last Friday you may remember an untitled mixed media piece featured in that post. Thank you to everyone who left such kind comments. Some of you even had suggestions for a title but  the lovely Mo of  'Twinkletoes2day blogspot came up with the perfect one.

 Thank you, so much, Mo x

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  1. Love the home made stamps. Funny how Friday comes round more quickly week for week! Valerie

  2. Great name for your last piece. That material soun d great I use plasticine!

  3. What a fun idea! I love "Contemplation," she's very sweet!

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  5. Whoot! She is beautiful *Contemplation* :D
    I love the idea of that foam and especially how you used it. The leaf is fabulous! Looking forward to seeing what else you do with it. Have a great weekend Carol :o))

  6. I'm very excited!! I have never seen this product and can think of loads of ways to use it!!! Is it easy to find?

  7. I love Mo. And for the foam stamps, what fun! I love experimenting and trying to make my own stamps. I hope I run across this foam somewhere.

  8. Whoa you have been a busy bee,
    Beautiful work and congrats on 'Contemplation' ;D
    (That Twinkletoes is such a clever bunny!)
    Happy PPF to you

  9. Contemplation is ultra-sweet and boy I hate being late too. The impression is awesome! Happy weekend!

  10. Have seen this foam advertised but never seen it in action, you have done great with it. Love the name Contemplation........Happy PPF, Annette x

  11. Contemplation is a perfect title! ♥♥♥

  12. Love the name it IS perfect!...and those stamps are awesome. The leaves could also be used as the texture they cool. Thanks for sharing!

    Hugs Giggles

  13. Great title - and fabulous moldable foam playing! WOW!

  14. Great title for such a beautiful piece! I have a pkg of that moldable foam in various shapes-I've had it for years now but haven't played with it in quite awhile-fun though.

  15. Love that piece and the title is perfect. i'll have to try that moldable foam.

  16. Great stuff, Fuzzie! And congratulations to Mo for the perfect name for your beautiful piece.

    I've got a piece of that foam somewhere that I picked up on a mixed media stand at a craft show. I love the marks you've made. This is quite useful if you want a "mask" sort of stamp rather than a "stencil" type (i.e. you stamp the background, not the design). You could use them on the gelli plate too.


  17. Ingenious use of bits and foam for splendid designs!


  18. What a great idea! You are amazing. Your artwork is stellar!