Saturday, 31 January 2015

Paint Party Friday on Saturday.

Just a quick post to update you on my latest project. If you would like to see it from the start take a look at a previous post here.

Thank you to those of you who left comments suggesting a mixture of paper for the pages. More details of the pages I am planning will follow in my next post............... x

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Wednesday, 28 January 2015


On my desk today I have the leftover packaging from some new pillowcases.

And some painted papers.

The packaging is ideal for a book cover so I am just mulling over some ideas for the cover  and the binding. I am also undecided about what paper to put in the book. Watercolour paper, sketchbook paper or painted papers. I take an age to decide on these things.

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Monday, 26 January 2015

She is Now Complete

For those of you who saw my last post here and left a comment expressing how sad my latest 'girl' looked after being parted from her background. Even though I saw her as my first 'art doll' I felt guilty.

So here she is with a new background made especially for her.

The background is made up of gesso, a script stamp, book papers, painted papers and black gouache paint which I used for a matt finish. I would have liked to have used black gesso but alas that is on my ever growing shopping list of wanted materials.

I used a piece of card from some leftover packaging.  You can see where the paint has caught on the corrugated card under the top layer and in the top corner (detailed below) you can see some old book paper which was already stained with black ink which I absolutely love.

 Strange, isn't it, how you can get excited about a little piece of scrap paper when it is just right for what you want.

Going back to the leftover packaging. I bought a set of bed linen and the card I used for the above piece was 11 x 5 inches. There was a smaller piece 5 x 5 1/2 inches which was off a pack of pillow cases.

It is just crying out to be made into a book cover. Don't you think?...............

As always , I love hearing  your comments, and they are very much appreciated.

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Friday, 23 January 2015

Paint Party Friday.

In my last post I gave a sneak peek of what I have been working on over the past few days but unfortunately it didn't go to plan.

In most cases I have found that if you keep working at it you can pull things around again but not this time. The more I worked on the background the more I hated it. So in the bin it went. Well........the background went in the bin after I cut out a the bit I did like.

She reminds me of those paper dolls you used to get back in my childhood days. But for want of a better word I am going to call her my first 'Art Doll' !!!

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Wednesday, 21 January 2015


I thought I would spare you another pic of my desk and just share what is actually on it.
Here is a couple of sneak peeks at what I am working on at the moment.

I have been working with acrylics, modeling paste, handmade papers and Portfolio oil pastels.

Since I got my Portfolio pastels I haven't been able to put them down. I love working with them.

 Before I only had a really cheap set of oil pastels which were not very easy to work with. I dreamed of owning some Sennelier oil pastels which are great quality and therefor a little expensive and I toyed with the idea of treating myself to a set at Christmas but I plumped for the Portfolios instead, which have the added advantage of being water soluble. I have enjoyed using them so much that it has re-enforced my desire to invest in the Sennelier Pastels at some stage in the future.

By the way before I go. If you only visit here for WOYWW  and you are interested in seeing my previous post about a painting I started towards the end of last year. You can see the finished painting here.
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Monday, 19 January 2015

Another WIP Completed

Towards the end of last year I posted a WIP. Since then it has been lying there waiting to be completed. I thought I only had the dress to complete and was undecided as to how to proceed with it. Now, with the dress and some more work on the background, I feel that it is finished.

 Just Waiting
acrylic on card

I struggle,sometimes to come up with a title but as soon as she appeared sitting there I knew she was waiting for something

There is none of my usual collaged background in this piece as I wanted it to have more of a 'painterly'style . 

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Friday, 16 January 2015

Paint Party Friday

Hello to all fellow 'paint party goers'

Those of  you who are regular visitors may remember this WIP

The background was made up of layers of painted papers, citra solv papers and stamped tissue paper. I liked the back ground but I was unsure that the figure was going to fit in so I put it aside and worked on some other projects.

However, I am happy with the final result.

 I am still trying to come up with a title, though.

The light wasn't very good so the colour's are not as good as in real life. Her face is paler than the original.

Just looking at these pics,though, I think I need to add something to the waistline. It's funny how you see things differently when they are photographed. That is something I do all the way through the process of my work. It really helps me with the composition.

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Wednesday, 14 January 2015


Hi there,

It's time again to share with you what is on my desk this week.

Here is some progress shots.

It started with one of my mono prints.

I added some collage and some more acrylic paint and used my Portfolio oil pastels and a Stabilo all pencil for her face.

I wanted her dress to be black and white.So I used a stencil to make a stamp from my moldable foam block to make some patterned paper in black permanent ink.

I chose a piece where the pattern was only partially stamped because I liked the contrast of the white.

Last but not least came her hair.......

I had a bit of a problem with the hair.

 First I used oil pastel. it was a dark brown colour and when I darkened the background the hair seemed to just blend into the background. So I decided to wipe it out with a baby wipe. However because it was thick it took some wiping and I just manged to remove it before the paper started to lift. I then decided to use acrylic.
 I laid down a layer of gesso,where the hair was to go, to give it a key as the head was in oil pastel then painted her hair in acrylic. I then used a stabilo All pencil to define the hair and it started to lift the paint off. At this stage I started to think that I was going to make a right 'hash' of it but a black oil pastel saved the day.

 I would just like to point out a little tip that Stabilo All pencils are known to write over almost anything and I have found that if you smear the Portfolio pastels with your finger or add water (as they are water soluble) you can write over them with the Stabilo All pencil quite successfully.

I know this post has been a bit of a long one but if you are still with us I just want to finish off with a couple more mono prints.

I am still trying to get to grips with mono printing. I was a bit disappointing in my last lot of prints but it is only my second attempt so hopefully my technique will improve with practice.

I want to thank all who have visited and been kind enough to leave a comment on what you see. I love to hear your thoughts on what I do. It means a lot. x

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Friday, 9 January 2015

Paint Party Friday.

 Just checking in for this weeks Paint Party Friday.

This week I have been creating a little mixed media painting. It started out with acrylic paint as a base and then I used my new Portfoilo pastels to create layers of colour. I also added some collage to the background and to the 'little lady's' dress. Then some stenciling with some sequin waste and stamping with a handmade texture stamp in white  acrylic,

I am going to have to invest in a pastel fixative. If anyone can recommend a good make for fixing oil pastels I would welcome the advise.

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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

WOYWW-Two for the Price of One.

The last few days I felt like working away from my usual workspace and just having a play with my Portfolio pastels whilst in front of the tele. Deciding not to plan anything in particular and not be concerned with whether anything worthwhile comes of it. So here is a peek at my temporary folding 'work desk'  and what I have been working on.

I started by laying down some acrylic paint as a base then used my pastels. Portfolio pastels are water soluble and they are wonderful when it comes to changing something you don't like. You just wipe it with a baby wipe and its gone.

I still have to give her some hair and work on her dress and do some more work to the background. Time for some collage, I think. The pink in the top corner with the white circles is some pink tissue paper stamped with acrylic paint. I just love using tissue paper, I love its transparency when adhered to a background.

This is how my usual work desk is looking.

A mess I think you will agree.

In the background you can see the WIP I featured in my last post. This is how it has progressed since then.

I have added some more citra solv papers to the back ground and penciled in a figure. I'm not completely happy with her so far but maybe that will change as she progresses.

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Friday, 2 January 2015

Paint Party Friday

Just a quick post to wish all my fellow Paint Party goers a Happy and Prosperous New Year and to share with you something I have been working on today.

It is the beginning of a background for a piece that will feature another of my young ladies. I have layered up some gelli prints and some citra solv papers and added some acrylic paint, gesso and some tissue paper stamped with a leaf stamp.

I hope you will stop by again to see how it progresses.

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