Saturday, 21 March 2015


In my last post I said that I was hoping to have another piece ready in time for the Deconstruction challenge over at Paper Artsy.

My intention was to make a board book out of some old dog food boxes and some packaging left over from my new bed linen. The idea was for it to be in black and white and to feature found words from book text. However it all went horribly wrong.

At first I struggled with the limited palette. I just couldn't seem to create anything that was interesting to look at. Then I decided to go ahead and bind it together but I went and punched the wholes in the spine for the signatures in the wrong place. So, that was it. There was only one thing for it and that was to give it up as a bad job and so I 'deconstructed' it a bit more by ripping it to pieces

Now that I am left with some bits and pieces I quite like them, so, I decided to take some pic's and share them  here. They are just bits and pieces so, needless to say, they won't be entered into  challenge but you never know they might get used as part of something in the future.



  1. I know you're going to put these bits to good use! (The first looks like a fish eye to me....)

  2. Oh I know how it is, I have just started on number four page for a challenge and now it must be as it is, I love your little pieces of corrugated cardboard I see them as little fragments you can use in another work.

  3. Call me odd but these bits work for me as they are. I see a moth wing in the top piece. They certainly photograph well for an interesting blog page. I think I would put them in one of the many baskets, tins and boxes I have for interesting pieces.
    It's funny how we feel such disappointment when something doesn't work, go on to destroy it and end up with something that is pleasing
    Lynn x

  4. I think they are great as they are and I agree with Lynn, that's definitely a moth wing! I hope you have fun turning them into other work - they are certainly worthy of being re-used!

  5. Yes I see so many things with these wonderful pieces...too bad you can't use them in a new journal binding... I think they would make lovely texture! A great starting point too!!

    Hugs Giggles