Saturday, 10 March 2012

Birds-Tag Tuesday

This weeks theme is Birds.  There  is a popular bird watching site near to where I live, so I am lucky enough to see lots of different kinds of birds and wake up to birdsong every morning. With all that inspiration around me you would think it would be easy to come up with a design for this weeks tag. However I began to over think it and struggled with what technique to use.

A while ago I came across an artist Donna Downey . Each week She posts a video on her blog called 'Inspiration Wednesday' in which she completes a page in her art journal. She starts with an idea and just goes with it and see's what happens. If she's not happy with something she goes over it with gesso or another colour or a stamp.

So taking a leaf out of her book I thought I'd just go for it and here is the result.

The background is yellow ochre acrylic paint overlayed with sky blue oil pastel. Over that I applied a thin layer of gesso. I then used a dry brush and a little deep red acrylic paint and loosely swept it over one side of the tag.
I drew the blackbird, cut it out, and coloured it with oil pastel and applied it to the tag. The lettering was aged with tea an oil pastel.
While we were on the subject of birds I was planning to post another picture of a piece I have done in the past featuring birds but my computer is runniing slow for some reason so I will leave it at that for today

Bye for now and happy blogging.


  1. This tag is great! Everything on it goes so well together... the background colours and effect goes perfectly with the bird, and I love the many strings that are attached to it. Very lovely. I too enjoy Donna Downey's blog. Thanks for commenting on my blog, and I too will visit again.

  2. Lovely! The background works really well.
    I used to follow Donna's blog when I first started scrap-booking 5 years ago. Thanks for the reminder, I think I'll go back and have another look.....

  3. a very beautiful tag ... will be posting on TT tomorrow x