Wednesday, 29 July 2015


While I was enjoying my 'mark making on my A2 sheet of paper for my abstract collages I also created some gelatin plate printed papers.

I chose one to use as a background for one of my 'girls'.

8 x 9 1/2 inches

She was created with acrylics and watercolour pencils with just a hint of oil pastel for her cheeks.

Hope you like her.


Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Abstract's 1,2 & 3

I have just finished the last in my trio of abstract collage' which I started working on last week.

I started with this A2 sheet of painted paper.

I then cut it up into varying sized pieces and used them to play around with different compositions.

Those of you that saw my last post will have already seen the first two but here they are again.

The third one was a bit more of a challenge as these pieces were all I had left from the A2 sheet.

But I managed to end up with this.

My favourite is the first one. 

To me it looks like crashing waves against a cliff face with a bleak landscape and dark skies overhead.

This is how it looks when in it's frame.


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Sunday, 26 July 2015


I have been working on my trio of small abstract collages. I have completed two so far and I thought I would share them with you.

I am just posting the pics for now and when I have completed the third one I will share all three together and write a bit about the process.

Abstract Collage #1

This is a close up shot of the same piece. My favourite so far.

Abstract Collage #1

Now the second piece.

Abstract Collage #2

I hope you like them and that you will come back to see the final piece.


Wednesday, 22 July 2015


Today my desk is covered with painted papers as I am in the process of trying out combinations of collage pieces for three 4 x 4 inch abstracts I am putting together to hang on my wall here at home. I have been cutting up the A2 sheet I prepared over the weekend (you can see it here)

Here are a few compositions I tried out..

I really liked the third one and will play around with it a bit more before calling it finished.

Now I look at them here I like the first one too but unfortunately I can't go back to it as I have since cut into the main piece with the scrawled circle on. Silly me!

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Monday, 20 July 2015


Over the weekend I took out my A2 pad and did some mark making with the idea of making some abstract collage pieces.

Here is a couple of close up shots of some isolated areas.

I intend to cut it up and arrange the pieces with some other papers to create three 4 x 4 inch abstract pieces to replace the current artwork on one of my walls here at home. I will post the finished pieces here when I eventually finish them.

I couldn't go without sharing another of my oil pastel girls.......... meet Emma.

5 x5 inch Play Time Journal


Friday, 17 July 2015

Paint Party Friday

Just short post to share with you a quick sketch  in oil pastel that I did on a piece of paper lying on my desk.

2 x2 inches on sketchbook paper.

And here is my latest practice piece of a bird.

I never seem to get the eyes right.

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Wednesday, 15 July 2015


What's on my desk this Wednesday ?

5 x 7 inch watercolour paper.

At first I intended to use only Stabilo All pencil, a water brush then add a little colour on her dress. However I had trouble with her eyes and ended up nearly putting a whole through the paper. I painted the face out with a layer of gesso and thought to myself. 'It's going to end up in the bin anyway' so I just quickly drew another face and what do you know?........a bit of oil pastel and she was presentable again.

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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Final Week for SOC

I can't believe it is the final week of Summer of Colour already.

This weeks colours are.....


Here is my entry  for this week.

5 x 7 inch
canvas board

I started with some collage papers.

Then they were covered up with multiple layers of different stencils using acrylic.

I then painted the background and added a little more stenciling and the original background became her dress.

Then came her blue hair.

I wanted her hair to be fuller on one side but I'm not sure about it now that I look at it here. I may have to change it a little but this is how she looks for now.

A BIG THANKS to Kristin for a great Summer of Colour and THANKS to all who have visited and left such great comments. I really appreciate every one.


Sunday, 12 July 2015


Here is another practice page.

 At the moment I am concentrating on the shape of the bird itself.  Materials used are once again Stabilo All pencil and oil pastels.


Saturday, 11 July 2015

Birds and Russian Doll Update

For a long time now I have wanted to feature birds in my artwork. A couple of works containing a bird have made it on to my blog but on the whole I am not comfortable with my results.

So I have decided get some practice in by drawing some studies of birds. I am not aiming for true to life birds more 'artsy' birds (if you know what I mean.) But I think you need to start practicing with something near the real thing to get the feel of the birds shape.

I have seen  a book on-line on how to sketch birds so I am thinking of starting there. My regular blog friends will know how I love an excuse for ordering new artsy books. I wish I could have them ALL!!!!!......... now I'm getting carried away.

Here is a quick drawing I did for starters.

I copied the shape from a little pocket book on garden birds I bought a while back intending to use it to practice drawing birds but the pictures are a little too small. I chose my own colours. Once again I used oil pastel.

A little while ago I mentioned I was going on a day trip to Bowness in the Lake District here in the UK. While I was there I bought this little journal by Kelly Rae Roberts. On the cover is an example of the type of bird I would like to create in my artwork.

It is described as a journal but is more of a note book as it has lined  paper in it.

I also mentioned in that post that in Bowness there was a shop that sold a vast array of Russian Dolls. I just wanted to say that if there is any of you making a mad rush up there to see them I am afraid I was very disappointed as there is only a handful in the shop now.

The Lake District in Cumbria is such a beautiful place especially on a lovely sunny day but the British weather, being what it is, you have to take pot luck and unfortunately even though we have had some really hot weather here recently on the day of our trip it was a rainy day. However the rain does not seem to dampen the tourists spirits as this photo of people queuing up on the jetty to  go for a sail on the Lake shows.

It made me giggle.


Wednesday, 8 July 2015


On my desk today is this weeks entry for Summer of Colour

This weeks colours are.....


My first choice of green looks a little blue here but it is called Pale Olive and here is this weeks entry,

She is on a mini canvas and is sitting on a mini easel.

Also lying on my desk is quick sketch I did in a scrap of paper.

I couldn't resist in colouring her in with some oil pastel.

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Tuesday, 7 July 2015


I'm still working 'small' as apposed to 'LARGE' (refer to previous posts).  I thought I would work on another tag. This time with a little colour.

I used acrylic paint in cream, green and gold for the background. The circles were made from my own handmade foam stamp and for my girl I used oil pastels, Stabilo All pencil and some collage papers for her dress and crown. Her crown was made of my own paper which was brown paper, acrylics and gold foil.

I wanted to finish the tag off with a piece of brown tulle for the tie. I know I have a piece somewhere  that I dyed with some transfer paint but I can't lay my hands on it at the moment so I posted it without for now.

I would love to hear what you think and I really appreciate your comments.


Wednesday, 1 July 2015


Today is hot and humid in the UK and thunder storms are forecast for tonight. I had lots of housework to do today but just didn't feel like doing it in this sticky weather so I made this little tag instead.

I made the tag from a piece of A4 card and used a Stabilo All pencil and a water brush.

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