Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Hi Everyone,

Just stopped by after a long break to say that I am still here and still creating  but in a small way at the moment.

The reason being I am suffering with a bad neck and my Phisiotherapist has told me that the blogging and making my art is adding to my problem so I have had to cut back on the time I spend on both until my condition improves. That coupled with the fact that my main computer is not working at the moment means that I am unable to post any pic's because my laptop is not set up for me to download pic's from my camera at the moment but I will get that sorted shortly.

Since I was last here I have been on my hols to Cornwall and had a lovely time and once I sort my laptop out I will post some pic's.

For those of you who take part or follow  Tag Tuesday  I have not taken part for quite a few weeks but have been looking in on what everyone has been doing and I hope to back joining  in soon.

Wel l, I'm going to phisio to tonight and having my second dose of acupuncture so I better finish off now as I have been on the computer for more than the 5 minutes that I am allowed.

Bye for now. x