Saturday, 30 June 2012

Back in Blogland

Hi Everyone,

I am so pleased to say that my blog is back.

Those of you who have tried to visit me over the past few weeks will know that my blog was unavailable. But whatever the problem was Blogger has sorted it out and Fuzzie Fingers is up and running again.

I want to thank my blog friend Shoshi for her words of encouragement over the past few weeks and Carolyn for inviting me to join the 'Tag Team' over at Tag Tuesday so that I could continue to post my weekly tags.

I hope you will all come back and visit me again as I will be back soon with a post on a couple of projects I am working on at the moment.

It's great to be back. x

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Tea Bag Update

Hi Everyone,

I thought I would just give you an update on how I got on with my first attempt at working  with a tea bag.

Those of you that saw my last post will know that I left the fruit tea bag to dry out overnight. When it was dry I removed the staple and emptied out the tea and carefully opened out the tea bag.

There it was all ready to be worked on and the tea looked good to. I'm sure you could  use that in some way too. But for now I was just concentrating on the bag itself.

Not ever having used a tea bags before (apart from making a cup of tea of course) I thought I would hold back on making pages for my little book until I was a bit more familiar with them. So I sat there looking at the flattened out tea bag  and wondered where to start. I got out my stamps and ink pad and stamped a couple of images onto the tea bag. I know, from reading artists blogs that you can use gel medium to seal them and to adhere them onto paper and fabric, but as I am just starting out working in mixed media, gel medium is one of the many things on my shopping list. So I used what I had to hand which was pva glue.

Well it turned out to be a mistake as it turned the lovely pink colour  into GREEN. Well you learn by your mistakes. I'm not sure whether it would effect the colour if it had been brown tea but needless to say gel medium has now gone to the top of my shopping list.

I was going  to post  a pic to show you how it turned out but the camera wouldn't pick up the green. So that's were I am with that at the moment but I'm going to steep a few more bags and have a little more practice. When I get something worth sharing I will let you know.

Anyway it wasn't all bad the highlight of my day, today, was a little robin in my front garden.

I love robins, they remind me of my Mum.

Bye for now x

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Time for Tea

Hi Everyone,

I can't believe I'm back again so soon. That's what becomes of being a football widow. I thought I would stop by and let you know what I've got on the boil ( pardon the pun).

Whilst checking out fellow bloggers art work I have learned that you can use tea bags (minus the tea) in mixed media and textile art. I have come across a very talented artist Kim Henkel who produces some beautiful  art work using tea bags. You can see her work if you visit  her blog Letting  in the Light.

The tea bags  that I use do not have tags and are shaped like pyramids and are not made from the same paper as the 'posh ones' lol. So I went out to get a box especially and today I steeped my first tea bag for the sole purpose of  experimenting with something new. Whilst brown tea gives  lovely sepia coloured patterns I thought I would try some fruit teas.

And there it is in all it's pink loveliness. It's now hanging in my airing cupboard to dry out and tomorrow I will open it up. I have to say that I'm really excited to see how it turns out. I'm not sure yet, what I'm going to put on it ,but I was thinking of making a little book using the tea bag paper for the pages. I have the cover already.  It is a piece of fabric paper which I stamped some text on.  I folded it in half and thought it would make a nice cover for a little book and it has been sitting on my work desk waiting to be worked on.

Well I will be back soon to let you know how I'm getting along with it.

Bye for now x

Friday, 8 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee - Tag Tuesday

Hi everyone,

Hope everyone has been enjoying the Diamond Jubilee celebrations over the long weekend. Pity about the weather. I'm afraid I chickened out and stayed inside and watched all the celebrations on the T.V. Very nice they were too. The river pageant was amazing and the Queen proved she was made of stern stuff standing all that time on the royal barge and I  felt so sorry for the soggy singers in the Royal College of Music Chamber Choir. I read in the paper the next day  that they  were checked over afterwards for hypothermia. Congratulations to them for still putting on a good show.

The Queens Diamond Jubilee concert was a triumph too. I thought it was so funny when Alfie Boe performed his rendition of  Elvis'  'It's now or Never'. I rolled about with laughter. Lastly, was the service at St. Paul's Cathedral.  It was great to see the crowds come out to celebrate.

This weeks tag for Tag Tuesday is to commemorate The Queens Diamond Jubilee.

The union flag was made up of organza and muslin and attached to heavy interfacing with bondaweb. I then aged the tag with Vintage Photo Distress Ink and attached a crown from a pack of card making embellishments. The dates were printed onto cotton fabric with photo transfer paper and aged with Distress Ink. I then punched a hole and set an eyelet with my trusty crop-a-dile.

Hope you like this weeks tag. Just to let you know , I won't be joining in next week's theme for Tag Tuesday which is 'Camping'  because I have some other projects I want to work on but I plan to be back with the next weeks challenge which,  if my memory serves me right, is 'Green'.

Bye for now x

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Bunting and Flags

Hi Everyone,

As mentioned in my post yesterday I was hoping to post my tag for Tag Tuesday but I just didn't like how it turned out so I went back to my original idea and her it is.

This is Millie my little Yorkshire Terrier all tangled up in the bunting.

I started by printing out a picture of Millie on card and cutting it out. I then  used some card and an image of the flag to make the tag. I attached Millie to the tag with foam pads and added the crown which was from a pack of card embellishments I bought from a local shop.

I made the bunting from  black heavy duty cotton thread and organza and threaded it around Millie and glued it to the tag. I finished off by blending some blue oil pastel around the edges.

I chose Millie for the tag as she is much more photogenic than my other beautiful girl Rosey. ( That is how you spell her name, not Rosie). She is so black that she doesn't show up very well on photos. Here is a photo taken just recently on our a trip to Astley  Hall in Chorley.

Rosey is a cross between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Jack Russell She has such a beautiful soft thick coat. Out of the litter we got her from there was one pup with mid length hair and all the rest were short haired. Rosey was the only long haired pup and as soon as I saw her she came and laid down on my knee and I just had to have her. Two years later we got Millie and they get on great and I love them both dearly.

We often take a trip to Astley Hall they have lovely grounds and it makes for a lovely day out .The grounds are beautifully kept and there are facilities for playing tennis, a putting green and bowls. The house is open to the public at certain times and is free entry. There is also a nice little place to have a coffee and some food, their lemon drizzle cake is a must.

I was going to post some more pics but for some reason they won't download onto my post. Perhaps I'll be able to  post them  next time.

Bye for now. x

Friday, 1 June 2012

The Olympic Flame

Hi Everyone,

Today my hubby and I went to see the Olympic Torch as it made it's way through our neck of the woods. With the crowds lining the route it was difficult to catch a glimpse of the torch as it went whizzing by. I took my trusty camera with me hoping to get a few pics but it proved very difficult but I held the camera aloft and just hoped for the best and this was the shot I got.

A bit blurry but at least I captured the main star of the show which is of course  the flame itself.

With all the talk of Jubilee celebrations this weekend it gets you a little bit nostalgic, which I may add is not usually me at all. But I thought I would have a search amongst my old photos and dig out a couple I had of the Silver Jubilee street party we had back in 1977. The first one is of myself  ( I can't believe I'm posting this ) and the second is of my sister.

There is a Jubilee party going on at the weekend in our local village. There is going to be face painting, stilt walkers,circus entertainers and even gladiators believe it or not. If the weather's nice and I get any good pics I will post them.

I was hoping to post my tag for this week the theme is 'Bunting and Flags' but I don't like how it turned out so I'm going back to my original idea and starting over again so I hope to post it tomorrow.

Well bye for now. x