Tuesday, 27 March 2012

'Goosey' minus the Goose.

Sorry to anyone who stopped by to see last weeks tag (Theme 'Goosey'). I was a little under the weather so I didn't manage to get one done.
I was thinking of doing an image transfer onto fabric and I did take a couple of nice photo's of a duck (ducks are aloud) in preperation so I thought I would at least show you the image I was going to use.

However, every cloud has a silver lining and that is that  I can post my tag for this week on the actual Tuesday,which is a first for me.

At the moment I am practicing some techniques from a lovely book called Paper, Metal & Stitch by Maggie Grey & Jane Wild. One of which is embossing metal shim ( or in my case a used  tomato puree tube). So I decided to use this technique on this weeks tag. (theme - ' Easter Egg').                                                         I cut open and washed the tomatoe puree tube and in the absence of an embossing tool and ideally , a mouse mat  to work on I used an old ball point pen to emboss the pattern and a magazine to rest on .

I then painted on purple acrylic paint working the paint into the recesses of the embossed pattern and then removed the paint off the surface by wiping over with a piece of kitchen towel.

There is more  I wanted to share with you but I have to dash off  now to watch The Vampire Diaries so I will try and catch up tomorrow.

Bye for now xx


  1. I just love your Easter egg - I'd rather have that than a chocolate one! I have just borrowed a friends book called The Art of Stitching on Metal, and I am intending to play about with some bits of metal I have at home, but I like the idea of using a tomato puree tube - recycling at it's best! I love the effect you got by adding paint to the surface. Really lovely.
    By the way, thank you for your kind comments and good wishes - they are very much appreciated

  2. Brilliant, Fuzzie Fingers! I love the effect you've got with the embossing, and rubbing back the paint. Fabulous.