Saturday, 31 March 2012

Play Day

Hi everyone,

Since my last post  I have been having a little play around  with different techniques.
These are a couple more  metal pieces I did  using an old ball point pen for embossing with and a magazine to work on. Thankyou to my freind who very kindly sent me a mouse mat after seeing my last post. An embossing tool has now been added to my long list of artist materials that I must buy.

I then painted them with black acrylic and wiped over it while it was still wet to give them that tarnished look.

The next piece would be nice to use as the cover for a handmade book or journal as it looks and feels like leather.

I started by scrunching up a piece of tissue paper and ironing it on to some iron-on vilene. I stuck some bits of lace and sewn on a flower shape with embroidary thread and sealed it with gesso. I painted on a layer of burnt umber acrylic paint and rubbed on some gold and black acrylic with my finger. I then  added some green to give it a verdigree effect.
I'm sorry the way these last two pictures have turned out.They don't do the piece justice and I don't know why but they have downloaded the wrong way around .

I am having a lovely time looking at what my fellow bloggers have been doing and as a result I have gots lots  of new projects to add to my to do list ..

Thanks for visiting, bye for now. xx 


  1. I love these. Lovely patina... I think they would all look wonderful on the front of a journal. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow, I love these - it's so interesting hearing your techniques - I know if I ever tried it my attempt would turn out nothing like this! I love the way the flower and texture is so delicate, it makes you want to touch it! I emboss on copper sometimes but have never covered it with paint - I love the effect. Thanks for sharing your secrets!

  3. Oooh this is GORGEOUS work, Fuzzie Fingers! I love the patina effect on your fabulous embossed pieces (would make great box lids!) and your textile pieces are amazing. Have you come across Kim Thittichai? She does amazing stuff with textiles and melted stuff - quite mouth-watering. Google her if you haven't.

    Love your work.