Sunday, 6 May 2012

Tag Tuesday - 'Sewing'

Hi Everyone,

I thought I was'nt  going to get my tag finished in time for this week because I had an idea and nothing  I had in my stash was the right colour or texture. Anyway I got there in the end.

I used bondaweb to attach the fabric to both sides of a piece of heavy interfacing and machine sewed around the edges.  The fabric was described by the lady in the shop as scrim but it is very thick and heavy like a type of hessien. I then hand stitched some hemp twine around the outside

I used freehand machine embroidery for the flower and although you can't see it in the photo it is covered with organza and sewn onto the tag. And so too are the words which were stamped onto the same fabric as the flower.

This tag was a good excuse to pick up a couple of new goodies.

These are the stamps I used for this tag and I also picked up a box of stamps in a different font. I also picked up this little beauty, something I've been wanting for a while.

It works a treat.

I wanted to make this post a bit longer but find myself pushed for time again so I'm hoping to stop by again tomorrow.

Bye for now x


  1. hello there..the machine embroidery flower is very good..I like the idea of an additional layer of organza too. I have melted organza in the past with my fabric heat tool. thanks very much for your lovely comment on my blog

  2. Hi Fuzzie Fingers - love your username!!!!! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment - I'm really glad you found me via Diana. So glad you like my zentangle art!

    Also sorry to hear you are another M.E. sufferer but glad to hear things have improved for you. One always has to go on being careful, though, doesn't one.

    As for going to art college, I've had my moments when I wish I had, but at the time (not sure what it's like these days) there was a great deal of pressure to conform, and if you weren't really stroppy and awkward like my friend who survived her time through art college, you were in danger of coming out one of so many clones... I think we amateurs may have a lot more fun than the professionals because we can Do What We Like lol!! If it's in you, do you really need formal training? How many masters through the history of art ever went to college? Lol!

    Off to have a nose around your blog.


  3. PS Put it down to the dreaded brainfog - meant to say how much I like your tag! Great colour scheme and texture, and love the sewing on it. I love the letter stamps and might try and get hold of some of those. Great for journaling! What did you use to stamp the letters with? Also, I've been toying on and off with the idea of getting a Crop-a-dile and need to be convinced it's worth it... Any tips?


  4. Beautifully simple and elegant - such style always seems to work a treat doesn't it? I'm a retired textiles teacher and have only just started to use it in my paper craft so you have now inspired me further!
    Is that the 'crop a dile' you've shown? I've been wondering whether to get one or not as all other methods of applying eyelets don't seem to be very successful. Would you recommend this one? Please do let me know when you have a moment. Thank you.

    1. Yes Julia, I think the Crop-a-dile is very good. Great for punching holes in almost anything and for setting eylets although I am having problems with the smaller size ones (1/8").They are not Crop-a-diles own make so maybe the ones I have are not very good. I will have to try another brand.I sent you a separate e-mail a few days ago. Not sure if you received it.

  5. I love the color palette and freeform sewing on this tag. I've been experimenting (unsuccessfully) with making fabric tags and ATCs so your description helped a lot. On the crop-a-dile note that I see in some of the comments... 'Yes, it's worth it'... Wonderful blog and thanks very much for your comment on my tag :)
    Patricia <3