Saturday, 2 June 2012

Bunting and Flags

Hi Everyone,

As mentioned in my post yesterday I was hoping to post my tag for Tag Tuesday but I just didn't like how it turned out so I went back to my original idea and her it is.

This is Millie my little Yorkshire Terrier all tangled up in the bunting.

I started by printing out a picture of Millie on card and cutting it out. I then  used some card and an image of the flag to make the tag. I attached Millie to the tag with foam pads and added the crown which was from a pack of card embellishments I bought from a local shop.

I made the bunting from  black heavy duty cotton thread and organza and threaded it around Millie and glued it to the tag. I finished off by blending some blue oil pastel around the edges.

I chose Millie for the tag as she is much more photogenic than my other beautiful girl Rosey. ( That is how you spell her name, not Rosie). She is so black that she doesn't show up very well on photos. Here is a photo taken just recently on our a trip to Astley  Hall in Chorley.

Rosey is a cross between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Jack Russell She has such a beautiful soft thick coat. Out of the litter we got her from there was one pup with mid length hair and all the rest were short haired. Rosey was the only long haired pup and as soon as I saw her she came and laid down on my knee and I just had to have her. Two years later we got Millie and they get on great and I love them both dearly.

We often take a trip to Astley Hall they have lovely grounds and it makes for a lovely day out .The grounds are beautifully kept and there are facilities for playing tennis, a putting green and bowls. The house is open to the public at certain times and is free entry. There is also a nice little place to have a coffee and some food, their lemon drizzle cake is a must.

I was going to post some more pics but for some reason they won't download onto my post. Perhaps I'll be able to  post them  next time.

Bye for now. x


  1. So very, very sweet - in the nicest possible way! Love the idea of using an image of your dog - I do think Rosey is gorgeous too!
    Astley Hall looks wonderful. We visit Standen a lot for both the house and the gorgous gardens with views over the surrounding countryside.
    have a wonderful weekend.

  2. What lovely dogs! Your tag is very clever too, I love it! Have a great bank holiday x

  3. Hello I've joined your merry gang after seeing a comment you left on my blog, for which I thank you.
    I like your lovely tags especially the "Sewing" week.
    We are near neighbours as well as I live in Lancashire myself, Whitworth which is in Rossendale.
    Hope you are having a good jubilee weekend.
    Lynn and the Doodly Birds

  4. Hi, I have just become a follower after seeing your name on Lynn's blog and thought "I know that name but haven't seen anything lately" So I popped over, did a re-cap and lnew I'd posted here before but obviously forgot ot click the Follow button like I thought I had - doh!
    Anyhoo - Love the tag, it's really fun and pre-Tuesday too, I'm impressed! Haha - gorgeous dogs btw.
    I like your previous picture of the Olympic flame, if nothing else, it proves you were there, haha. As you said, you got the star of the show :0))
    Looking forward to visiting again nowI'm sure to get that reminder ;0)

  5. What a fun tag - I love the picture of Millie, she really is adorable, and she suits a crown so well! Rosey of course is very cute too!
    Astley Hall looks a fantastic place to visit, and I have just googled it as I wasn't sure what part of the world you are in, but it is way too far away as we are right down on the south coast. How lucky you are having somewhere so lovely (and free!) so close to you!

  6. Lovely to see little Millie celebrating the Jubilee, Fuzzie! It's a lovely tag. Hasn't it been brilliant, all the Jubilee stuff on TV and around the country?

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, and I'm glad you like my latest zentangle art efforts with colour! Don't be discouraged if your first efforts don't measure up to your exacting standards - if you look back in my blog you can see that my earliest ones weren't that good either, but practice makes perfect! I am still learning, but it doesn't take long to get results with the wow factor if you persevere!