Sunday, 11 November 2012

A Sketchbook Challenge

Hi Everyone,

I'm so glad that I am all up and running again and able to share with you some of the things I have been doing since I was last able to post pictures on my blog.

Since I last posted here I have joined  a new group run by Lynn Holland called 'Sketchbook Friends'. If your interested in sketchbooks or making art journals pop over and take a look. It is open to anyone who would like to take part.You can choose a theme listed on the blog or one of your own and I have chosen Hearts and Flowers.

I have made my own book based on  Teesha Moore's video on youtube on how to make a sixteen page journal and this is front and back cover.


I wanted to post the one picture of the front and the back together but for some reason blogger kept turning it the wrong way around.

The cover has been created using Brusho, Pan pastels and water-soluble colour pencils. The black and white edging is done using a black Sharpie pen and white acrylic paint.

I am really looking forward to this challenge as I have been wanting  to make  my first art journal for a while and this has given me the incentive to make a start.

Please feel free to leave your comments.  I would be very interested to hear what you think.

Bye for now,
Carol x


  1. This is briliant Carol, and I'm so glad you are able to post things again! I am determined to keep a sketchbook, and a journal, and do tags, and cards, and altered things, andaltered books....etc etc, aint a crafting life grand? I really love the cover of your book and how the back makes a full stop statement in the theme.
    have fun I can't wait to see the inside! hugs barb x

  2. This is really lovely Carol. I hope everyone at SF comes to have a peek at it. Did you post a link on there? The colours are gorgeous and I love the theme you've chosen. I'm looking forward to seeing what else you do :0)) Mo

  3. Excellent work, Carol! I always enjoy your art so much. I'm really glad you've managed to sort out your problems with posting pictures - what a pain that must have been for such an image-rich medium!!

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, and I'm glad you like my Remembrance art journal page. It was a lot of fun to do, and I'm glad I managed to finish it in time to upload it on actual Remembrance Day as a proper tribute.


  4. So good to see you back in blogland! I love the sketchbook you've done - the colours are so delicate and pretty, the shading is beautiful and the black and white edging really brings it to life - so eye-catching and stylish. I am tempted to start a little sketchbook and join in with Lynn now I've seen yours!

    1. Hope you do Diana you know how muchni love your work

  5. Well done you for making your own book to work in, I love the art work on the covers, I never tire of flowers they are my favourite subject for drawing painting, stitching, I hope you are managing to get more time to create, its no fun when there are restrictions put upon you I'm in the same boat but it's so hard to keep it to a minimum when you want to run with something!