Monday, 11 March 2013

Hearts & Flowers Journal Page 4

Hi Everyone,

I have started to wonder if  there is enough interest in my blog to make it worth carrying on posting . I just don't seem to be getting much response. If my blogger stats are reliable they are not very encouraging.

I know you have to get yourself out there, so to speak, to get yourself noticed. I joined in with 'Tag Tuesday' last year  which initially generated a bit of interest and now I have joined  'Sketchbook Freinds' flickr group but that has not generated a noticeable increase up to now. Some blogs choose a topic and invite you to link your blog post to their blog. But being a bit of a' technophobe' I am not sure how to do this.

Maybe it is because my work is not interesting enough. I used to explain the process of  how I created my artwork but lately I have wondered if it is worth it. It is difficult to get enthusiastic when you feel like your talking to yourself. ( LOL!)

Well that's enough of feeling sorry for myself, here is my latest journal/sketchbook page.

This page went through many transitions before the finished result so I couldn't begin to explain the process except to say that it includes layers of acrylic paint, homemade stamps, a flower stencil and Lumiere paint, Brusho Spray and collage pieces made up of found papers and pieces of my leftover papers from cleaning off stamps and mopping up excess paint. I love useing leftover papers from cleaning up your paint etc. as the random marks sometimes are more interesting than the marks made on purpose. (LOL!).

You can also see this page over on 'Sketchbook Friends' flickr group page where there are lots of great sketchbook pages to be seen. So pop over there and have a look. On the positive side, over on the flickr group I have had two 'Likes' which is a first for me (Hooray!).

Bye for now. x


  1. A great page! Thank you for sharing!
    I'm looking for stencils, can you recommend somewhere online?

  2. Oh No! PLEASE don't go anywhere!! I love looking at what you do, even though it's just usually on Flickr or Tag Tuesday. And as I have become bolder and more adventurous in my playing, it is people like you I turn to for inspiration and knowledge! Your work is always so interesting and I love reading how you do it.
    Can I guess - is it the 'wheel' style stamp you made yourself? This is another fab piece Jo.
    Having said all that I can totally understand what you're saying. I've often thought, Wow, how do these ladies make all this wonderful artwork AND still blog about it, do FLickr, facebook etc, LOL. Have a great evening *hug* :0) Mo x
    ps - word verification will put people off I'm afraid x

  3. very nice i really like the music note paper the bird is on xxx

  4. Oh dear, I know exactly how you feel - interest in my blog fluctuates quite a lot, as does my interest in it, but I find that it always increases when I'm doing challenges. Linking to other posts is very easy - if you click their Link button it leads you through the process. It will tell you to add your blog title - the only thing you have to remember is to click on your actual blog post title to open it (eg for this page you'd click on the Hearts and Flowers Journal page 4 title), and then cut and past the blog address that appears at the top. Do this rather than adding your normal blog address that opens your whole blog (ie: the most recent page) - this means you are directing people to just the relevant blog post page for that challenge. You should then get shown some images from that post and you select the one you want as an icon by clicking on it. The rest is done for you!
    Hope that's some help - or have I made it even more confusing!!
    I love your work, and I have to agree with Mo, I think it would be a shame to give up on your blog! There are some great challenges out there!
    By the way, I love the flower stencil and the bird on the music, and also thanks very much for stopping by my blog earlier - it's very much appreciated.
    Good luck!

  5. Hey never give up! everyone goes through days of being unsure about what they are doing. I had a long think about my blog and interest etc and then I realised its not that people ar'nt interested its just a time thing sometimes with me, I never have enough time to visit all the blogs I follow or indeed comment sometimes, In the end it's the enjoyment you get yourself from blogging that matters, I do my blog for my children, they don't pay much attention to it now but it will be here when I'm gone, and that what it is a diary to refer back to, even I do sometimes and I know my husband enjoys reading through some of the things we did like our garden changes, caravan restoration, holidays etc. Ive got a lot of blog reading to catch up on atm, Ive been too busy stitching, but that's a good thing. Yx