Saturday, 23 March 2013

Journal Pages 6

This is just a quick post today to show the last page in my 'Hearts and Flowers' Journal/Sketchbook. I decided to work on the pages before I finally put it together so all that is left now is to do the binding.

I applied some acrylic paint onto a layer of  newspaper and leftover papers with an old credit card. I applied gesso around the shape of a tulip leaving the layer beneath showing through forming the basis for the tulip.

I applied more gesso to form a boarder and used a woodgrain stamp and a chicken wire stamp to add some detail. (which is not vey noticable in this image). I finished off with a black oil pastel.

I would have liked to share some images of the process but I cancelled them off my camera by mistake.

Hope you like it, bye for now x


  1. This is a really nice page I like it lots, I wish I had more studio time to do messy at the moment I'm stitching a lot as its easier to do sitting on the sofa

  2. I would like to add this picture to pinterest is that ok?

  3. This is so brilliant, it looks 3D with a real frame round the picture. Such a shame you deleted the process pics, you must have cursed. I would have, haha. Have a great week :0) Mo x

  4. I love this - the colours are beautiful, so strong and so subtle at the same time, and I also love the little details of chicken wire on the background.
    How annoying to delete your pics - that's always a big fear of mine ever since an American friend came to stay, and deleted all her holiday photos accidentally on the evening before she left to go home!