Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Paint on a Jar

Over on Carolyn Saxby's blog I was very interested in a project she is doing which is called 'The Jar Project'.

You put and object in a jar and photograph it to show the distortions created by the jar and the light shining through it. As it was Carolyn's 'baby' so to speak, I checked to see if she would be happy for me to have a go and post the results on my blog, and she very kindly said 'yes' .

I have a jar in which I clean my brushes and the neck of it is covered in different coloursof paint and I thought it would be nice top use that. The sun has been shining into my art room over this lovely Bank Holiday Weekend so I positioned the jar with a paintbrush in on the window sill and snapped away.

I  took these shots with my Canon Powershot and I was pleased the way they turned out.

I think these photo's are more about the paint and the jar rather than the effect the jar has on the contents (paint brush) but I love the colours.

Hope you like them too.

Thanks for visiting x


  1. Really lovely jars especially the last one with those lovely paint colours xx

  2. I agree with Carolyn, those colours are ever so pretty. Nice job! :0) Mo x

  3. Beautiful! I love the last one too - lovely colours and textures, and the transparency of the water and glass is well captured - full of movement! Just gorgeous.