Wednesday, 12 March 2014


Hi there,

This is how my work desk is looking today.

I am still struggling with my sore thumb. I really should have a break (Aah!)  from creating as it is very painful to use a pencil / paint brush.  I have been looking at other ways to produce something at least. Like at the latter stages of 29 Faces I tried out using my non-dominant hand (left). This time I thought I would try painting just with my fingers instead of holding a paint brush.

This is how she looks up to now (Not very pretty at this stage).  I used a pencil to roughly sketch out the head shape and features but held it like you would a stick which I know is the way some artists hold their pencils. I usually hold it like you would if you were writing. I only used a paint brush for the eye brows and lids and the rest was done with my fingers.

I'm not sure how she is going to turn out but we'll see.

Thank you to all who have visited and for all the lovely comments they are very much appreciated and bring me great joy. x


  1. Fantastic - you are doing a great job despite your bad thumb - sorry to hear it's still giving you problems. Your are very innovative finding ways of doing your art in the face of adversity! Looking forward to seeing the finished piece.

  2. Hello sorry to hear about your thumb hope it recovers quickly. I wish I could produce that without a sore thumb never mind with :-) brilliant. Anne x #52

  3. Thanks for your visit. I am so sorry that your thumb gives you so much trouble! - Uniflame #70

  4. I think she's looking quite pretty - and I hope your thumb feels better! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #12

  5. For having a sore thumb your picture looks great to me! Hope your thumb heals quickly! Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #83

  6. Great WIP and do hope the pain decreases soon, Annette x

  7. I think it's awesome that you are so determined to create that you're willing to find alternate ways of working.

    Hope the thumb feels better soon, though!

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #2

  8. Hope your thumb is better soon, nice to see you are battling through and still creating such great faces!

  9. It looks lovely, despite the sore thumb, love the colours xx Andrea*42

  10. What a challenge you have set yourself there... Looking lovely though! Thanks for sharing.

  11. The painting is fabulous already and what a bummer about your sore thumb. I hope it heals quickly. Your work is wonderful.
    Von #26

  12. Darn good for 'finger painting'! :) (Hope your thumb feels better soon.)

  13. I think fingers are the best art tool, we call the finger in this house the (transdermal applicator) the best and most expensive tool ever. You have done a brilliant job so far, keep up the transdermal application you are on a winner.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 21
    Happy WOYWW

  14. Hi there Fuzzy Fingers,

    Thumbs are so important! I like the idea of finger painting and I must say that your face looks great. We always seem to be our worst critic.

    I honestly thought I'd be by sooner but better late than never!

    Happy belated WOYWW
    Kay (23)

  15. Well, I think you're doing an amazing job, not that I want you to be in pain, but you would never have thought of trying this method otherwise, huh...and you can really do it! Love the rainbow of paint tubes in their box.

  16. Great job using non dom and fingers! I hate to hear your in pain but work is fantastic! Thanks for sharing. Have a great week. Vickie aka Okienurse #72

  17. I'm not muddled up - this is me VERY late returning your visit from last week. (Thank you) I love her - hard to believe she is done almost unintentionally. I've only recently started using my non-dominant hand and I have to admit I sometimes prefer what I come up with - especially my little cats :)

    Hope your hand is better now!

    Carmen x (I forget my number last week)