Sunday, 16 August 2015


Intermission n a pause between parts of a performance; a rest.

Sometimes you can get bogged down with life and blogging so I have decided to take a little break for a while. Take some time out and hopefully come back refreshed.
Thank you to all who have left such lovely comments recently. They mean a lot.
Bye for now.

Friday, 14 August 2015

It's a Party

 She's got her party hat on and she's ready to go.

She is made up of some scraps of painted papers and  oil pastels.

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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

A little bit of Nature.

It's a  lovely  sunny day here in this part of the UK and while I was out walking I collected a little bit of nature specifically to share in my post today,

I also want to share what is currently on my desk for WOYWW.

I am working on a page in my art journal.

It is a WIP so I hope you will stop by again to see how it looks when it is finished.


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Sunday, 9 August 2015

Back to Pencils

It has been a little while since I got out  my coloured pencils.They are a great medium to use when you just want to sit and relax. With coloured pencils there is no mess and no fuss. ( No dirty paint brushes left in the water for days...ooops! )

My Mum and Me
4 x 6 inch 
pencil on watercolour paper

I would love to hear your thoughts on works in coloured pencils. How do you think they compare with works in acrylic or watercolour? Would you purchase a work in colored pencil as you would a painted piece. I would be really interested to hear your comments. 


Friday, 7 August 2015

Paint Party Friday

This week I was determined to join in with PPF. So after a couple of busy days where no artwork got done I spent the afternoon in my art room.

I intended to create a portrait in a 'loose' style but yet again I just can't help refining things.

4 x 6 inch 
acrylic & oil pastel on watercolour paper

I first loosely painted her in acrylic and used oil pastel for her skin tone and shading. I then used watercolour pencil to enhance her eyes. Here is how she looked after just the acrylic paint.

If you compare her to the finished piece you can see why I looooooove oil pastels


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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Pastel Play

You know how I love to play around with my oil pastels.

She is just on some scrap paper on my desk but I think I will use her as inspiration for another piece.