Sunday, 13 March 2016


I have been spending a lot of time lately soaking up inspiration from You Tube videos.
Something I came across was an extension to the colouring book craze.
I have been watching some videos on creating fun journal pages using artwork from colouring books.
I only own one colouring book and the pictures in it do not appeal to me
 as they are filled with such intricate patterns.
However I came across a colouring book by Juliette Crane called Big Monster.
 It is filled with black and white drawings of her imaginative characters for you to colour.
This book is now the next one on my list of must haves.
Inspired by her drawings I did a page in my art journal yesterday
 using only Stabilo All Pencil and a water brush.
Hope you like her.
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  1. Ye I like her!
    Happy Sunday Carol!
    Hope you feel better now!

  2. Beautiful portrait and I love her inquisitive look.
    visiting from sunday sketches.

  3. I do like her too,she reminds me of Spring ;)
    Donna xxx

  4. She's very sweet! I love her flower garland!

  5. Do we see a coloring book of your lovely ladies in the future???? (She says hopefully.....)

  6. Your portraits are always so beautiful .... this one is quite pensive. Great idea to have them ready to go for colour when needed.

  7. Very simple, but a lot of expression on her face.

  8. Oh Carol, she is simply wonderful! She seems to me, to be trying to decide what colour to start with, lol.
    Hope you are feeling much better now and enjoying some Spring-like weather {Hugs} :D xo

  9. She looks very pensive! It's interesting what you say about not being keen on intricate patterns to colour. I'm working on creating a colouring book at the moment and am trying to include more scenes/animals/details than patterns as I, too, find them more interesting. (I've popped by from Sunday Sketches!)

  10. She is so beautiful with the Spring ring of flowers on her head. I cannot help but wonder what she is thinking about. She has the lovliest countenance to her face.I am so happy you found one of the coloring books that is different from all the others. genie

  11. Love her and the intriguing look on her face. Well done and look forward to seeing more. Never thought to go out to You Tube to learn! :)

  12. really like all the flowers in her hair :)

  13. She's beautiful and intriguing, and I love the flowers in her hair - in fact when I saw her the first thing I thought of was the song 'Flowers in our Hair' by All About Eve - which I also love!