Sunday, 11 September 2016

A Sneak Peak


This morning I picked up a box canvas that I started a while ago and put aside.

I wanted to make her face very pale but I kept looking at it and decided that she needed some colour to her skin tone.

She is in oil pastel and this is the biggest work in pastel that I have done to date measuring
 30cm x 40cm

I am itching to get out my papers and do her dress in collage but I'm not sure whether it will work.

 Or another idea is to do a coloured  acrylic glaze and scratch a pattern into it which is a technique I have done in the past on a couple of my smaller pieces.




  1. I know! Aren't decisions HARD? LOL ;) All of your ladies are lovely so whatever you decide will be too!

  2. You are at the point I absolutely dread, but knowing you whatever you decide will be absolutely beautiful and work wonderfully!

  3. You always create the most splendid ladies. Full of character and spirit.

  4. Beautiful Carol. I think the soft pastel effect will complement the scratching technique..and if that doesn't work you could always collage over it...collage is so forgiving.

  5. awesome art,i like your creation,thanks for sharing with us.

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