Thursday, 5 June 2014

Happy Accidents - I Love Them.

Whilst I was creating some painty papers for future collage pieces I ripped off a piece of lilac tissue paper which I had painted and just stuck it on a random piece of paper on my desk that I had been doodling on.

Coincidentally I pasted it next to a face I had already doodled and I instantly saw the paper as a dress, I quickly penciled in a sleeve, an arm and legs and voila!

Her arm is dark because there was so much pencil already on the paper and I couldn't erase it because the matt meduim I used to adhere the tissue paper had sealed it. I cut her out and layed her on the book paper so she was easy to see.

An idea for a future mixed media piece I think !!


  1. love her, she looks great on that printed paper to

  2. Excellent discovery Carol. Her new dress is lovely and she's showing it off proudly :o)

  3. I LOVE happy accidents! She was obviously anxious to appear! ♥♥♥

  4. I so love those happy accidents!

  5. oh accidents become priceless at times Carol. This looks it has for sure.