Monday, 16 June 2014

Playing with Coloured Pencils

You may be surprised to know that in the past I have not been one who sketches ideas in a sketchbook. Everything I sit down to do, in my mind, has to end up being a finished piece. I have always felt that if I do a little sketch it is more if a doodle which is usually something that gets thrown away.

However, lately I have started feeling more comfortable at putting down and trying out ideas. I wonder if it is a sign of me growing as an artist, although I still feel uncomfortable calling myself that. I am not sure what it takes to be able to call yourself an artist.

That said, I have been having a little play with a set of coloured pencils that I forgot I had. I have a set  by Derwent and a set of Caran d'Ache watercolour pencils which I use for finishing touches in my mixed media paintings but this set I bought whilst I was away on holiday a few years ago when I fancied doing some drawing.

It is a large set with a great selection of colours  they are lovely to use and I think they look really  pretty altogether in their box.

Here is a little sketch that I completed using these pencils.

If you saw my last post you will have seen the beginnings of a canvas I am currently working on.

This canvas is 6"x12" which is an unusual shape and I had to give a little more thought as to the composition as when I looked at it again I realised that the girl was all wrong. As it was, the background was the dominant feature not the girl. So I covered her up with some more paint an collage.

I am much happier with the new girl and I will share her when she is completed.

Thanks for visiting. x


  1. gorgeous set of pencils
    how wonderful that you remembered you had them

    such a charming drawing Fuzzie!

  2. I love Smith's watercolour pencils they were my first set when I first began drawing. Love the new girl and look forward to seeing your canvas complete. Hugs Annette x

  3. I agree with you ..they look so happy in their box.. and a fab little draWING TOO:-- YOUR NEW cANVAS LOOKS already good in it's progress state...

    curious about how it will end up !

  4. I have a huge set of watercolor pencils, and don't use them much. I'm taking a class coming September to learn more about the use of them. Dion Dior.
    Fairly quick sketches does help my drawing, just to sit down and do it is the whole difference. I have improved alot since I started my sketching.
    If you create, you're an artist most people would say. It's not important to me, I do what I do and am happy with that.

  5. What a lovely set of pencilsand I'm sad to ay I mised yeterdays post, so I must remedy that. Your canvas s looking beautiful and I look forward to seeing it finsihed :o) x

  6. Awwww, I liked her.......but maybe I'll like the new girl better!