Thursday, 12 June 2014

Playing with Pastels

I have never used 'chalky' pastels before but I was sorting out my desk drawers and came across a box. So I just had a little play with them and this little face appeared so I thought I would share it.

After all that smudging and re-applying I am surprised it ended up looking anything like a face. I used charcoal pencil to define the eye lids, brows and nostrils.

See you tomorrow for Paint Party Friday. x


  1. I think she is lovely...

    I did a face with acrylics on fabric today.. and the face is quite good but the idea of sewing it to a little pillow didn't turn out like I want it .. so I put it in an organizer .. maybe it will be good for something else....
    that's life ...
    but with each face we get better ....

  2. She is lovely! You get such 'feeling' with just a few strokes.

  3. Oh Carol, she is wondeful!! Bravo, to you! I hope you play with chalk pastels some more :o))

  4. I think she is wonderful too. A happy accident !!! X