Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Summerof Colour #4

This week the colour combo over at Summer of Colour is


When I heard these were the colours for this week I remembered that I had a page in my art journal where I had cleaned off my brushes after another project in just those exact colours. It was a long time ago and thought I would never use it for anything. Then an idea came to me and here it is.


This is what the page looked like before I started.


Monday, 29 June 2015


Over at Paper Artsy the current challenge is to do something with stencils. So I thought I would join in the fun and did this page in my art journal.

I used a flower stencil with acrylic paint but in reverse so that you get the negative image.  For the girl I used Stabilo All pencil and a water brush and oil pastels for her face.

Why not pop over to the Paper Artsy blog and take a look. There are some inspirational videos and a  load more inspiration from featured artists.


Saturday, 27 June 2015

Summer of Colour #3

This weeks colours are...............


For me at first I thought it a daunting combination but that is the great thing about the Summer of Colour challenge. You try things out that maybe you wouldn't on your own. That is why this is such a popular and fun challenge.  If you haven't joined in yet give it a try. You can read all about it here.

This is my entry for this week.

It began with a layer of assorted papers and then some acrylic in the SOC colours then I used a black Stabilo All pencil and a water brush for the girls face. There is also some gesso in there too.

I am also linking this to Art Journal Journey where this months theme is Masculine/ Feminine
Thank you to all who have visited and left such lovely comments I really do appreciate hearing your thoughts.


Wednesday, 24 June 2015


This is how my desk is looking this Wednesday.

After the frustration I eluded to in Monday's post I went on to work on the next two pages in My Dylusions Journal.

Remember this is just play with no goal other than to see what appears on the page and maybe make some discoveries along the way.

I decided to stop there on the final page but not before putting another colour on my palette and discovered how nice these colours look together.

A starting point for my next page perhaps..............

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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Pencil on Paper.

Over the weekend I felt like doing some art but it had to be something I could do in front of the television as it was a weekend of my favourite sports (to watch that is.).There was tennnis with Andy Murray, the last day of racing at Ascot and the F1 Grand Prix. So out came my coloured pencils.

I have talked about this medium before. Coloured pencils was something I hadn't used since I was a child and I am glad I gave them a try again. I am planning on looking further into blending techniques etc. and I feel another book purchase coming on.  I have looked on the web and seen some lovely work  in pencils, some of which you would never think were done in coloured pencil. On my first try I wasn't sure I would enjoy using them. but now, with practice I am seeing better results.

coloured pencil on watercolour paper


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Monday, 22 June 2015

Big is too Big.

As part of my endeavour to improve my backgrounds some of you may remember that I had bought an A2 sketch pad and some larger tubes of paint to be 'bold' and go BIG. But I have come to the conclusion that I just can't do BIG. It just doesn't come natural to me. Maybe it's because my frugal nature won't allow me to use large quantities of paint. LOL!

In the end I reverted back to the more conventional size of A4 (my Dylusions Journal).

I find it difficult to work on something that isn't going to result in finished piece but this is supposed to be just practice so even though I am far from satisfied with this page I just left it as it was and when I get over my frustration!!  I will do another page.

In contrast to this I spent some of the weekend playing with my coloured pencils again and did end up with a finished piece but I think I will save that for tomorrow..............


Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Summer of Colour # 2

This week the colours over at  the Summer of Colour challenge  are :-

pink + pink + orange

Using this weeks colour palette I decided to do a girl in the style of a Russian Doll (Nesting Doll).

 I remember I used to have one in red and yellow when I was a child. Next week I am hoping to take a day trip up to the Lake District in Cumbria and there is a shop I know there that sells so many varieties of them in varying sizes.


Sunday, 14 June 2015


Just wanted to share another post card sweetie.

Pretty in Blue

Her skirt is made of polka dot fabric and she is done in oil pastel,stabilo all pencil and charcoal pencil.

I am toying with the idea of having some cards printed of my little  postcard series. I have been wanting to do it for ages but as I have said here in the past I am a terrible procrastinator. LOL!

I like to do quick 'loose' sketches in oil pastel and I did this one while I was waiting for my computer to load up for this post.

I hope you have a lovely day.


Thursday, 11 June 2015

As Voted by the British Public.

A little illustration to celebrate the news that the ROBIN  has been voted  Britain's National Bird.

The robin has a special meaning for me so I couldn't be happier that it was voted top of the list by the British Public.

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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Here Comes Summer

Yes it's time ,once again for a great challenge hosted by Kristin over at Twinkle Twinkle Like a Star blogspot.

Each week Kristin gives us a palette to work from and this week it is Blue + Blue + Green. You can choose any two shades of blue and one shade of green to work with and this is my entry for this week.

Oil Pastel on paper.

I have used two shades of blue in her hair and both blues and green in her jumper. 

Please follow the link above and take a look at the other entries and maybe even join in the fun.



Monday, 8 June 2015


This weekend I had planned to do some large intuitive painting but I got distracted (which often happens).

The reason being...........coloured pencils.

I have two sets of lovely pencils in an array of colours and hardly use them. So this weekend I decided to get them out. It was quite a refreshing experience using just coloured pencils for a change.

3 1/2  x 5 1/2 inches
 pencil on watercolour paper

I am so pleased with how she turned out.

Today I have treated myself to some new paints in readiness for 'going LARGE'

It's time to clear the decks and get out my A2 pad.


Sunday, 7 June 2015

And We Have a Winner.

Last Sunday I decided to hold my second 'giveaway'. The prize was one of my postcard sized girls. I am happy to say that some of the entrants in the draw were among some of my 'seasoned' blog friends along with some new ones too.

The 'giveaway' is now closed and in the words of an old Game Show host 'This is what you could have won.'

The names were put into the hat (wicker basket actually) and drawn out by my son.

AND THE WINNER IS.................


Please get in touch with your postal address and she will be winging her way to you asap.

Thanks to everyone who took part. I really do appreciate you taking the time to stop by and join in the fun.


Friday, 5 June 2015

Paint Party Friday

If you visited last Friday you will have seen the beginnings of this painting which has changed somewhat. You can see how it looked before the changes here.

5x7 canvas board

Originally there was a little girl in the forefront which I am sorry to have lost but the body shape of this lady was all wrong so I covered the bottom half of the painting with gesso. With hindsight maybe it was a bit drastic but sometimes frustration gets the better of you, don't you agree?  At the time it was either that or 'Bin City'. I then went on to build up the background again and left the layers beneath showing through for her dress to match the flowers.

The title of this painting came to mind after discovering the work of Flora Bowley. I think Flora is a lovely name and I thought it suited this painting.

This past week I have been perusing Flora's book 'Brave Intuitive Painting'. In the book she suggests that you work on a big sheet of paper or canvas, the bigger the better. So I went out and bought a cheap A2 sketch pad. The paper in it stands up to paint quite well so this weekend I plan to 'go LARGE' and have a play. I'm a little worried about how much paint I'm going to use as I don't normally paint 'big' so I only have the smaller size paint supplies..

Earlier this week I posted another of my postcard sized girls. If you'd like to check her out you can see her here.

I am linking this to PAINT PARTY FRIDAY. It's a great place to see lots of  fantastic artwork.