Thursday, 9 June 2016

Dipping my Toe in the Water.


After such a long break from creating the question is where to start?

I took the plunge and joined Pinterest during my little break and Wow!

 what an array of inspiration there is to be found there.

It is so satisfying when all the images you love are grouped together on your boards.

However, I have learned something and that is the type of art I love is very different from the art I am

 producing at the moment which has made me wonder about how to go forward with my own work.

So at the moment I am giving it a lot of thought.

In the mean time I thought I would share a quick  'scribble' sketch I did today.

Then I added just a little colour.



  1. So lovely to see you back creating. I love your little lady and her orange crown. So sweet. :)

  2. Nice scribbled Carol! Happy weekend! Pinterest is wonderful - you are right!

  3. Very interesting...I wonder what your soul is saying through your art. I may not create as those I love but the colour propels me and is foremost in my pieces. Adorable scribble..I'm so interested to know what types of art draw you in! Could you maybe share a link or two!!

    Hugs Giggles