Monday, 13 June 2016

What Inspires Me.


I recently purchased some 150gsm cotton rag handmade paper.

 Not having used it before I was looking forward to trying it out.  

I decided to start out with coloured pencils.

I love the texture and I think it lends itself to coloured pencils wonderfully.

I mentioned in my last post that I am learning a lot about the type of art I am drawn to.

One thing I have learned is that I prefer a more muted and

 natural colour palette.

I have already had an interest in handmade books and abstract landscapes

 but would love to explore these further.

I had a lovely comment from a fellow blogger Giggles asking me to post

a couple of links to what has been inspiring me lately.

I can't find a way to share my Pinterest boards here on blogger 

so here is just a taste of  what I have found to inspire me recently.

I hope you enjoy checking them out.



  1. You know who else you might like:
    (unless you already know her...I forget who knows who in our little circle of artist friends!)
    Love your red-headed lady! ♥♥♥♥

  2. Nice to read what inspires you. I love Kim Henkels work might like Leslie Miller on Pinterest too xx

  3. I love the texture shown on your picture and I love the cheeky wee birdie pulling the thread. I do hope the lady notices before too long, ;) Lol

  4. Oh my goodness what a wonderfully diverse group of artists!! That was such a fun jaunt through the internet.. Thanks for sharing and also adding a link!! Very interesting to see what inspires other artist.... I can see a similar pallet to some...I do love your style though... your girls should have little stories in a book!! This one is sooo sweet...her little expression reminds me of my son in laws niece... just adorable!!