Monday, 8 August 2016

Lesson Learned


I made a real 'school girl' error while doing my latest coloured pencil portrait. I merrily coloured her hair black and picked up some residue pencil on my hand and then rested it in the middle of her cheek. I tried to rectify it but not very successfully.

  coloured pencil on cotton rag handmade paper

I have been reading and watching a lot of coloured pencil reviews lately and I am thinking of possibly getting some other brands of coloured pencils to add to my collection. I am looking at the Faber Castell Polyhromos which are oil based pencils as apposed to the wax based pencils I have and also the Derwent Drawing Pencils which are thicker coloured pencils in lovely subtle colours.  First I think I will try out some singles to see if I like them before investing in a set. I will post my thoughts on them some time in the future.

Over the weekend I went to an Antiques and Collectors Fair and came across some great finds.

A couple of pieces of vintage papers and a wooden cotton reel. I bought the cotton reel with the idea of making a spool book. Something I saw on Pinterest.

I also found something I have wanted for a while now. I have been wanting a Russian doll but not a new one.  I wanted one like I used to have as a child and I found one and it was complete with all the sizes right down to tiniest one you've ever seen.

So I was very pleased with myself.



  1. You can't see the boo boo of smudged palm print on the face she is still beautiful! I have the derwent blocks and pencils..they are wonderful with water..I'm just not that good with them. So I used them with my acrylics. I find I love the black one for outlines and blending! Seriously though check them out first. I splurged and have big sets. I kind of wish there were more bright colours in my sets! I have that version of babushka dolls my friend gave my in the 80's. Although the same style and colour mine have deeper stronger colours which leads me to believe you have a very vintage set! Beautiful by the way!!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. There are no mistakes, only happy accidents...maybe she needs a teardrop on that cheek...or she's a radical babe and has a subtle tattoo? Just thinking out loud, ignore me. lol
    Love your babushka dolls!

  3. awww she's lovely and looks perfect to me :)

    Look forward to your thoughts on the pencils.
    I did a similar thing with pastels trying various single ones first and have thought about pencils too as I just have a really old Inscribe set and a cheap one from WHSmiths.

    Spool book sounds intriguing. Nice memorabilia - I guess there will be less of that about in future as people seldom write letters anymore. Love the dolls too, I remember being fascinated by a set a friend had when I was little.
    Gill x