Saturday, 1 February 2014

29 Faces Challenge Day 1

Hi Everyone,
This is it the first day of the 29 Faces Challenge. I am a bit nervous, as creating one face a day is a big challenge for me because I tend to spend too much time pondering over my work.

For those of you that are part of Paint Party Friday you will have seen the beginnings of this face. If not you can see her here. She looks very different now.


Many fantastic artists take part in this challenge and if you want to take a look follow the link above
Hope to see you back here tomorrow for  face no.2 .xx


  1. Great 1st face for the challenge, love her. Hugs Annette x

  2. I love her wavy hair! I look forward to seeing face 2! :)

  3. Beautiful finish to your piece on PPF. Love her pensive mood. The highlights on her eyes and lips are perfect. Please get rid of the captcha thing. It takes too long to try to figure those out, especially for us who are older.

  4. your anxiety shows in your painting. I think she's great.

    please get rid of the captcha thing if you want repeat visitors! thanks!

  5. I love the progress, and great to see you in the challenge!

  6. Beautiful finished ! I love the soft pattern in the background..wonderful !
    Have to tell you that it would be much better if you would turn off the capta code..
    it takes me sometimes very long...and drives me crazy ...
    so I often don't comment on blogs with this extra security step!


  7. Lovely face an great start to the challenge, I id find it hard last time mainly because during the week I work full time and struggle to find hours in the day, Lets hope we both make it through :)

  8. She is beautiful. I love how you handled the hair. I am really looking at hair and challenging myself to get better at it. Mine is always so flat.. I am really inspired by some of the hair I am seeing. TFS. I love how full her lips are...and the dimension you achieved! GREAT JOB!

  9. She looks like she's deep in thought. Very nice. Have lots of fun this month! :)

  10. A great face - I love your shading, it looks so good and gives her great expression.

  11. Lovely first face! I find that having a face a day to paint takes away the pressure. I never know who will show up today. I like that.