Monday, 17 February 2014

29 Faces day 17

Today I wanted to just create a quick face in a loose style (something I find very difficult).  However, one of the reasons I took part in the 29 Faces challenge was to step out of my comfort zone and try new things. I decided to use just my little tin of water colours .

I just penciled in an oval shape for the face and loosely marked out where the facial features would go. I am not used to painting with water colour and I probably broke all the rules in the water colour rule book but this is how it turned out.

In order to produce a face a day they are all pretty rushed which is something new for me. I never thought I would manage it but I am still here.

Thanks for visiting and for your comments.They are very much appreciated. x


  1. fun to see your loose face
    it is interesting to try new things, fast, watercolor etc.
    i would love to think that there are no rules with art....

  2. smashing new face, we both had a go at watercolours this week, have no idea how to use them properly it sure is a mystery to me, but its great to leave your comfort zone and explore a new adventure isn't it. Annette x

  3. Great face, and well done keeping up (unlike me). Anyone struggling with watercolour I can recommend an amazing class on the subject with 'Gulfsprite' its called 'Obsessions' you can find details on her website or on youtube, or a link on my blog, I am loving it and learning more about watercolour than I could imagine.

  4. That's something I have to try too.. it turned out fantastic in my mind!
    All your faces are fab... happy to have found your blog!

    xxx from


  5. Watercolour rules - what rules! I never had lessons in watercolour painting, and I struggle with it, but I just do what comes naturally and hope for the best. Your watercolour lady is beautifully painted, and I love her hair. She looks a mature and sensible sweetie.