Sunday, 9 February 2014

29 Faces Day 9

I'm  later than usual posting today's face but I got there  in the end.

Those of you that saw my last post will know that I am experimenting with oil pastels. I asked if anyone had any tips on working with oil pastels and Morag over at Paper Rainbow pointed me in the direction of a tutorial by the very talented artist Lynne Hoppe. I was already aware of her work but some how missed the tutorial so I popped over to take a look and decided to give her technique a try.

The materials I used were oil pastels, gouache and watercolour paint, coloued pencils and charcoal pencil. Something that  I wasn't aware of until now was that you could use oil pastels and watercolour paint together. This technique results in a much lighter looking piece compared to my last face which was done in oil pastels alone.

I need lots more practice but I am looking forward to trying it out again.

See you tomorrow. x


  1. ah!! beautiful.... : )

    so soft... i love everything about this. her eyes - yes!


  2. I am so pleased you tried out Lynne's tutorial, she is a fantastic artist and you have achieved such a soft buttery feel with this piece. I find oil pastels hard to use on their own so usually mix them with other mediums. I really look forward to seeing where else this path takes you. You have started the new year so well and I am delighted so many people can now share your creative journey..

  3. Beautiful results. Annette x

  4. Wow, she is beautiful - so soft and gentle, and I love the idea of using a book page for the background - very striking! I haven't used oil pastels for years but I used to enjoy blending them using a paint brush and white spirit - it gave a different effect to watercolour being blended with water if that makes sense! I'm presuming modern oil pastels are made of the same stuff as the ones from the 'old days'!

  5. such a lovely piece.
    i also did Lynne's tutorial, so generous of her!