Thursday, 13 February 2014

29 Faces Days 12&13

Yes, it had to happen eventually.........

 I missed posting yesterday but I have two quick sketches today.

Face no.12

Face no. 13

These faces are done in pencil for speed but I really want to do another painting or  have another go with oil pastels. But I need to take more time over them. Maybe I'll  have a better chance of finding the time over the weekend.

Thanks for visiting x


  1. Understand how time escapes us, but you have done a grand job with these two ladies. Annette x

  2. Yes, this is for me always the moment that I start wondering whether I'll be able to finish the challenge. It takes a lot to make a daily face and also post about it. But you're doing great! Love your 2 sketches and the beanie on the first one.

  3. Don't worry about missing a day! life gets in the way sometimes. Doing super quick sketches is a great way to learn fast shortcuts, you are doing great so far.