Friday, 27 June 2014

Like a Butterfly

Lately I have been like a butterfly flitting from one project to another. As a result I don't have anything finished to share this week but here are the three projects I am working on at the moment.

The first is my canvas which has been featured in previous posts in varying stages. Those of you who have followed it's progress may notice the change in body shape She is no longer shaped like a skittle Lol!

The second is a little concertina book. Unusually, for me, I seem to have come over all nostalgic lately. I have been remembering how when I was a about eight years old I used to collect all my favourite greetings cards and pictures cut out of magazines in an exercise book. The type you use in school. I remember the way the pages went all crinkly with the glue. Then I also remembered those tiny little concertina book brooches that you used to bring home as a souvenir from your holidays. Oh how I would love to own one of them now. I remember them just lying in the back of a drawer until they just got thrown away. Some things you should just hang on to.

Anyway I wanted to reflect both those memories in this little book so I used some paper from my sons old school exercise book to make the concertina insert.

It is only small (2"x2.5") and I plan on using left over scraps from previous projects to create the images on each of the 'pages'

The third is a little sketch of another of my girls waiting to be painted.

Before I go, going back to the topic of nostalgia, I have also been thinking of those chunky pens I had as a child . The ones were you have all different colours in one pen. I went out and looked  n my local stationary shops but couldn't find one so I settled for this set of gel pens.

There are 4 classic,6 neon,5 metallic and 5 glitter. I have surprised myself at how excited these have made me. Especially the glitter ones. I must be having a funny turn Lol!

Sorry there is no paint on this Paint Party Friday but at least there was a promise of paint with my little sketch.

Thanks for visiting. x


  1. Great idea with the concertina book, I still have one of those brooches my Great Auntie brought me from Jerusalem.Valerie

  2. smashing WIP's Fuzzie. enjoy the weekend with your new pens, hugs Annette x

  3. Looking good! I like the concertina book.

  4. She's coming along......I like how you photographed her. Just a peek to keep us in suspense! (Pens always make me giddy too! Can never have too many!)

  5. nice concertina book!
    great new pens!

  6. What exciting school times you had, making such lovely items to take home. I've never heard of a 'concertina book brooch'. Do you wear it too? Such a shame we don't forsee the need to look back at our old items and hang on to them.
    Looking forward to your next lick of paint :D

  7. Wow this is fabulous so far. I am looking forward to seeing it all finished.

  8. What sweet memories and how great it is to recreate them now. I love seeing the different stages of your canvas. I find that in the end sometimes I don't recognize the beginnings so it is good to document.

  9. Wow I get nostalgic like that too....and I have collected all my greeting cards I have a few boxes and binders full from the 60's.... I always wondered why I did that but I think you have inspired me to take them out and see the art. Wonderful artwork too!

    Hugs Giggles

  10. I love the idea of the concertina book - I 'm really looking forward to seeing what you do with it. The canvas is beautiful and I love the subtle and gentle tones you are using. You've taken me on a trip down memory lane too - I remember those pens with about 12 colours in them and you pulled down a little plastic bit to get the colour you wanted - I know that some of the colours on mine hardly got used as they were too precious and I dreaded them running out! Enjoy your meandering into the past - hope you get more creative ideas from it!