Sunday, 1 November 2015

Misty Morn

Autumn is my favourite season and the first day of November was a misty autumnal morning. Whilst I was out walking the dogs I was in the mood for gathering some fallen leaves.

Here is some of them after a little arranging.

They were photographed on some brown corrugated card but the brown hasn't shown up in the photo.

There is an autumnal feel to my latest mixed media painting. Here is a cropped version as it is still a WIP and I am struggling with the top right hand corner. I will have to do something drastic to it so I am hoping I don't ruin it. We will see..........

Watch this space.........



  1. Nice leaves and a nice WIP!
    Happy new week to you!

  2. She's lovely. Good luck with you right hand corner dilemma! ;)

  3. A very lovely WiP and your leaves are beautiful. Autumn is my favourite time of year too :D