Sunday, 24 July 2016

Mark Making


A morning of mark making and the best time I've had in my art room for a long time.
This is the busiest my desk has looked for a long time.

I am still keeping things neutral.

Some isolated close ups.

I collected some grasses to use in my mono-printing yesterday but it didn't turn out too well. But they were great dipped in black paint for mark making.

Even on tea bags

Here is a tiny clue on another way I collect useful mark making tools.

I have recently come across the work of Leslie Avon Miller. You can see her beautiful art on her blog Textures Shapes and Color. Her work is so inspirational to me and she includes quotes and poetry in her posts all in all I find it a beautiful calm place to visit. I spent some time this morning looking back at her previous posts and it definitely set me up for a productive morning in my art room.

If you visit here I hope you like what you see and if so please let me know your thoughts. I often wonder if people visit but prefer to not leave comments. I am so grateful to my blog friends that regularly visit here but I would love to know if there are others looking at what I do.

Bye for now.



  1. it sure looks like you had fun! I love the marks made by the grass!

  2. I LOVE your mark making! So much to study, so much movement and texture. Just lovely!

  3. What lovely pieces Carol; I'm really liking your neutral palette and the grass marks are fabulous (cool idea). Apologies for my recent absences, Wee Man and I were planning for and enjoying a trip to London :D