Thursday, 28 July 2016


Hello?.......... there anybody there?

For a long time now I have been feeling like I need a change. So I put out the feeler's a couple of posts ago to see  if making  some changes like re-naming this blog (If you can do such a thing) or create a replacement blog would I be losing out by doing so?  Would I be losing a sizable following or connections I had built up with fellow bloggers who know me as Fuzzie Fingers?

I had help from a friend setting up this blog and when I was asked on the spot for a title. I came up with Fuzzie Fingers because I had just discovered wet felting and it referred to handling the merino wool with wet hands.

At the time I did not think of it as a 'brand' for the sake of a better word. For a while now I have wanted to branch out and promote my art on a Facebook page and even possibly try my hand at having an etsy shop but the name Fuzzie Fingers is holding me back because it does not reflect the art I do now.

I have some blog friends who don't visit every post but have visited here since my early days and one dear blog friend who visits here and comments on all my posts.  I can let these friends know of my changes so as not to loose contact with them as I value their visits and comments greatly,

 So maybe it wouldn't be that difficult to make the change after all........

.............something to think about.  



  1. ...sometimes, we simply need a change. Whether it's changing the layout of our blog, the title...or completely creating a new blog all together? You'll figure it out and all of your wonderful friends will join you along the way. :)

  2. You could re-name this blog.....I think.....and keep your followers. If not, write a post to direct them to your new online presence. (I know what you mean about wanting a name that encompasses more of what you do, but you could keep the name and add a tag that describes your art more accurately. Added to your header maybe? Just thinkin' out loud....) ;)

  3. I am here, tho not all the time, and I don't always comment. I will of course continue to follow you no matter what your blog name is, and I look forward to seeing your art continue to flourish :D