Sunday, 13 July 2014

Background Dilemma

This weekend I have been working on the background for my latest piece.

I have posted before about struggling with layered backgrounds and I had a lot of comments from fellow bloggers saying that it was the same for them which helps a little.  I have watched a lot of videos on YouTube and some artists make it look so easy but sometimes the layers just don't seem to work for me. As I add each layer, a lot of the time, it just seems to look a mess.

I took a break from it to do this post because I am just sat staring at it not sure what to do next.

This is how it looked at first.

I didn't like it

I didn't like that either. I think I over did the Quinacridone Magenta. So next came a thin coat of gesso.

When I look at them here on the screen I think I might prefer the first one, OH! I DON'T KNOW!  It's too late now anyway that layer has gone forever. That's the nature of layering.

Back to stare at it some more. WISH ME LUCK!! x


  1. Good luck.. but that is how this layering job works... in the end it wll be perfect!

  2. I like it. I did something to day out of the ordinary I suppose. I too look at all kinds of Youtube Med art to layers and people using cut outs, shapes.. If it be a pen we learn. So as long as we love to do art. Really what does it matter. So I put mine up. I felt the jungle mood. Me Jane. I painted the flowers but then I added the rest. My worse problem is. When I do any color or colors. It never does justices when I put it from my scanner or take a pix of it with my camera. The colors play havoc with me.

  3. hi fuzzie fingers... i *like* the background now! i love the softness and the way the flowers pop now. if i were you i'd start working on her face next. i think that'd tell me where i wanted to go with the background...


  4. I feel your pain! I can't master layers either. :(

  5. Hi Fuzzie, looking good to me. I think you are giving it all too much thought, switch off the thinking and go intuitively.. My backgrounds have got so much better since I learnt to go in to my room, light a candle or incense, turn the music up real loud and disappear into my 'zone'. Hope this helps x

  6. I actually liked it in the second picture, I don't think you overdid the magenta ... Layering is not always easy, but it's like Lynda says: don't overthink it, surround yourself with colours that you like and just grab whatever colour you fancy at that moment..... Just keep going, until at a certain point you know it's enough. And if you're stuck: concentrate on the girl for a while.