Sunday, 20 July 2014

Concertina Book ?

Some of you may remember this:-

In my post I reminisced about little souvenir book brooches, from my childhood, that opened out into a concertina of photographs of your holiday destination. That, coupled with memories of school excercise books filled with keepsakes of birthday cards and cherished cutouts. All this sounded like great inspiration for creating something exciting.  However I am sad to say it turned out to be a bit of an anti-climax. And to those of you who expressed an interest in seeing it finished I can only apologize in advance.

I think it was the anticipation of making something special that doomed it to failure. It lay on my desk day after day as I couldn't decide what to put on it's little pages. The other day I decided to make a start even though I didn't have a clear idea what I wanted to do .(Big mistake!!). The first page was a failure so I ripped it off which left the concertina lacking in length. Then the next page was also doomed to the rubbish bin. So after that, I removed  the rest until there was just the inside of the cover left.

This is what I finished up with.

I decorated it with a bit of left over hand painted tissue paper and printed the title with my miniature printing press.

I called it 'Just Me' as the only thing inside is a painting which could pass as a self portrait.

She looks a bit blurry (just how I felt by the time I was finished). It's not the camera. It is because she has had a layer of gesso all over her when I was nearly at the point of binning the whole thing.

I was so looking forward to creating a little book that lived up to the hint of nostalgia that I felt during that previous post. Maybe it is a project for another day........?

Something that came out of all this, though, was a little doodle girl (well lady really) which I doodled on the piece of scrap paper on my desk, whilst struggling with my book. You could just see her in the pic of my printing press.

watercolour pencil on scrap paper. 

I have edited this post to change my doodle lady's name from Matilda to Patience which I think is a good name for her in light of my blog friend Susi's inspiring comment.

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  1. I like your cover and selfportrait - and the drawn girl -- her dress is fab..
    don't worry.. what to you think .. I have so many unfinished pieces here around me...
    that's no problem.. that is like a big inspiration wall for me...
    sometimes I take one unfinsishe paper and make something amazing out of it...
    PATIENCE is the magic word for us !
    and some projects are difficult and don't turn out as we wish..
    keep patience with yourself....
    you make such gorgeous artwork...

  2. I think we all go through this and feel this way. You got Patience out of it and that's a good thing! (How can you possibly use that printer? It's soooo tiny!)

  3. great advice, and great project. Know the feeling too. Fuzzie, I emailed you through the contact on your profile but it just bounced back, I was asking you about a blog hop I wanted to involve you in, can you get back to me with a contact email please? mine is (at) simjata (dot) com

  4. This post really spoke to me. . . I am sorry the booklet did not turn out as you had hoped. . . but the drawing of Patience is beautiful! :) Do not give up on the idea. . you can make a concertina book again you know! Next time it may be perfect!!

    And nostalgia. . . sigh. . .I believe in it so. . . I dwell, thrive and create in that space daily. I've built my entire world around it. One thing i have found is that those pieces I revisit and try to reproduce were a product of an entire world of their own and often, the physical attempt to return is never as successful as I would like. So I let them inspire. . . and keep them close in my heart. And dream. . .

    PS: I discovered your blog through Falling Ladies. Happy to read about YOUR creative world. ;)

  5. What an inspiring blog post Carol. You have shown us all that Patience will always come out on top if we just let it (her).
    Your printing press is fabulous! Where did you get it? :o) x