Monday, 26 January 2015

She is Now Complete

For those of you who saw my last post here and left a comment expressing how sad my latest 'girl' looked after being parted from her background. Even though I saw her as my first 'art doll' I felt guilty.

So here she is with a new background made especially for her.

The background is made up of gesso, a script stamp, book papers, painted papers and black gouache paint which I used for a matt finish. I would have liked to have used black gesso but alas that is on my ever growing shopping list of wanted materials.

I used a piece of card from some leftover packaging.  You can see where the paint has caught on the corrugated card under the top layer and in the top corner (detailed below) you can see some old book paper which was already stained with black ink which I absolutely love.

 Strange, isn't it, how you can get excited about a little piece of scrap paper when it is just right for what you want.

Going back to the leftover packaging. I bought a set of bed linen and the card I used for the above piece was 11 x 5 inches. There was a smaller piece 5 x 5 1/2 inches which was off a pack of pillow cases.

It is just crying out to be made into a book cover. Don't you think?...............

As always , I love hearing  your comments, and they are very much appreciated.

Thanks for visiting. x


  1. Yesss! Now she definitely looks more cheerful! Nice background solution, too! Valerie

  2. Oh my, she is even more wonderful than before. Great work Carol! :D
    I like the look of that packing card. It reminds me of a book too ((hugs)) :o)) x

  3. Oh Yes! A book for sure! Your girl is lovely, either way! (I like your new header too!)