Wednesday, 21 January 2015


I thought I would spare you another pic of my desk and just share what is actually on it.
Here is a couple of sneak peeks at what I am working on at the moment.

I have been working with acrylics, modeling paste, handmade papers and Portfolio oil pastels.

Since I got my Portfolio pastels I haven't been able to put them down. I love working with them.

 Before I only had a really cheap set of oil pastels which were not very easy to work with. I dreamed of owning some Sennelier oil pastels which are great quality and therefor a little expensive and I toyed with the idea of treating myself to a set at Christmas but I plumped for the Portfolios instead, which have the added advantage of being water soluble. I have enjoyed using them so much that it has re-enforced my desire to invest in the Sennelier Pastels at some stage in the future.

By the way before I go. If you only visit here for WOYWW  and you are interested in seeing my previous post about a painting I started towards the end of last year. You can see the finished painting here.
I am linking this post to WOYWW . In the unlikely event that you still don't know what it is all about  why not click on the badge in the side-bar and take a look or even join in.

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  1. I haven't been using my Portfolios much, but I do like them. I feel inspired to get them out now. I love the texture they create. Your projects look very artistic and promising. I've got a small box of Sennelier oil pastels - the iridescent collection. They were about £15 for 12 of them, so not too bad. Got them on eBay a couple of months ago. They're so beautiful! - even the box screams quality!

  2. Forgot my number, I'm right above you #52! InkyDinkyDoodle

  3. Wow, lovely work - is the top one you? It bears an uncanny resemblance to your profile picture right next to it! I love the hearts and textures panel - beautiful. Just a thought but some specialist art shops sell pastels individually - that way you just buy one or two at a time of the colours you need - you might find your Sennelier pastels that way. I did that with some rather expensive water colour pencils - it worked with me as I only wanted a limited colour palette anyway. Thanks for stopping by my desk, hope you have a great week.

  4. Oh she is adorable I have yet to try oil pastels so hearing your views on the Portfolios is great. Happy WOYWW Anita #66

  5. The piece you are working on is looking beautiful so far. Love the expression on the girl's face. Happy WOYWW :) Shel#71

  6. Gorgeous hair colour and awesome background :o)) x

  7. Wonderful Wonderful pieces... I am now HOOKED and waiting to see your finished works! I followed your link to your other completed piece and it just GRABBED me! TFS... Lynne, #74

  8. So happy you've found something you LOVE to play with!! You're doing a wonderful job so far!

    Happy Crafting!
    Jeannie #14

  9. Your new pastels sound lovely, Fuzzie. Your paintings are so gorgeous - lovely to see the completed one, too. I was looking at gelatos the other day, which are also water soluble, but for the moment I think I can probably live without them!!

    Thank you for such a lovely comment on my blog - yes, it's bad news and I don't relish the coming months but somehow my beloved hubby and I will get through this together and come out the other side more or less in one piece, hopefully!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #44

  10. Love the texture you create. xx

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    1. Making my brain work correctly this time. Love the pieces. Especially the heart... maybe because of the season. hehe Creative Blessings! Kelly #56

  12. Great work Fuzzie. Nice to meet you. Thanks for your suggestions you gave with a punch. Your girl is so sweet. Nice work you did also.