Tuesday, 14 April 2015

A Little Woolen Number

I have been working in my 'Play Time' Journal again.

Some of you may have seen this little one recently. She was a little oil pastel  sketch that I did on a piece of paper that was lying on my desk. She looked like this.

As I said. She was only done on a scrap of paper so I decided to cut her head out and stick it in my 'Play Time' Journal and work on her some more.

This is how she looks now.

I did a little adjustment to the shading and to her eyes and lips and put her in a little knitted cardigan.

The cardigan is based on one I wore in a photo I have from when I was six years old. in fact the hairstyle is the same except I had a fringe or bangs for my american friends.

You may remember that I recently put some artwork in a local exhibition. Unfortunately it was a 'No Sale'.

However after the exhibition I was LUCKY enough to sell these two.


Sisters was your favourite in the little poll I held here a little while ago and......


Daydreamer was a close 2nd.

I had a little soft spot  for 'Sisters' but I'm so happy that it has found a new home and I still have my original sketch that inspired the painting which I love to bits.

I'm sending out a BIG THANK YOU to the new owner of the paintings. I am so glad that you like them.



  1. She is gorgeous..love the gesso charcoal and oilpastel love on her! Unique!
    Congrats on the selling!

  2. What a cute wee cardigan you created Carol, she is so sweet.
    And congrats on the sales.
    Thank you again for the comment on my holiday post :o) x

  3. so happy for your sales, i liked sisters best! i like the woollen cardi it adds even more charm to the piece.