Saturday, 17 May 2014


I was taking a look at some of my recent paintings and started noticing somethings that I wasn't happy with. So I decided to make a few alterations to them.

 Recently I posted a painting I did for Mix it Monthly and I expressed the fact in my post that I wasn't completely happy with it. I painted it in my little sketchbook and it has been lying on my desk ever since. From time to time I have been picking it up and looking at it and I disliked it so much that I considered throwing it away.

Then I thought maybe I could make some changes to it, I had nothing to loose. This is the 'offending item' as it was.

So I touched up her face and hair, changed her dress and did some work on the coffee sign and her she is now.

Now I like her.

 I did some minor changes to a couple of others too.

This is before:-

and after;-

I made some changes to the shape and colouring of her face. Whist I was originally working on this I painted a little house on a separate sheet of paper and positioned it in the background then decided against it. I have a photo of it with the house on and I may add it in again. ( I am quite enjoying improving past works!!)


Once again I made some changes to her face. They are very subtle but I can see the difference.

When I was a child and into my early teenage years I loved to draw but felt I wasn't good at painting. I used to think that if it went wrong you had to throw it away and start again. I didn't pick up a pencil or paint brush for years and now that I have begun to create again I have learned that you can alter and re-work pieces during the process or even change them later.

I would love to hear what you think of the changes.

Thanks for visiting. x


  1. I actually like both the ‘befores’ and ‘afters’…..but it’s more important that YOU like the finished painting. That’s what counts, so I’m glad to hear you like going back and ‘tweaking’ them!

  2. It is so visible how your creative style has developed looking at your before and after shots. I love the changes. Your faces are very refined now. I noticed during the 29 face challenge how much you could convey in a few well placed lines of colour. Thank you so much btw for your lovely comments earlier. They made my day x