Wednesday, 28 May 2014


This is how my desk looks this week.

Here you can see a page I have been working on in my Dylusions Journal. I started it a while ago and used my non-dominant hand when my thumb was more painful than it is now and I left it unfinished.

I had some skin tone paint left on my palette paper from my last painting so I used it to paint her face and just carried on until it was finished.

I know I probably shouldn't say this about my own work but I LOVE this. I love her expression, I love her hair and I love the white space. I am really pleased with how it turned out.

 It is made up of acrylic, book paper, painted papers, corrugated card and I applied gesso to the background with a palette knife to create texture.

I hope you like her as much as I do, thanks for visiting. x



  1. your faces are always so wonderful and i love this page! i esp love the bits and pieces that make up her body and dress. the whole page has a wonderful crispness and light to it. I just love it!

  2. Hi fuzzy
    You are right to love it and why not say so.
    I especially love the hair and her expression
    I hope to start doing more stuff like this too
    Janet @13

  3. You can say whatever you like about your own work and I absolutely agree. Love the bookstores showing through and the delicacy of her features. X

  4. Sorry I meant book papers!!!! :)

  5. I LOVE this and your Sisters piece too, you are so creative. I have never attempted a face before but you make me want to lol. Have a good WOYWW, thanks for visiting my blog too, am following you...I think!
    Dawn #38

  6. I agree with you -- I love what I can see as much as you do it..
    and I suspect this wonderful page will go to MOO MANIA & MORE in the end..
    where "Corrugated Cardboard" ist the current theme...
    I hope at least!

  7. Happy WOYWW 5th Anniversary.

    I hope you have a good WOYWW. Sue 59

  8. Hi Fuzzy, I can't blame you for loving her, she has beautiful features.
    Thanks for visiting me earlier.
    Happy WOYWW Anniversary and happy crafting, Angela x #41

  9. Hi, this is gorgeous, you are right to love it, it's beautiful, Happy WOYWW 5, Carole Z #44

  10. lovely work and i too often use my non dominant hand!
    Happy WOYWW5th!
    thanks for the snoop around
    Robyn 24

  11. An excellent image Carol and bravo to you for saying you like it!. Of course you should, she's wonderful! I espcially like her hair :o)

  12. She's lovely - great personality shining through! Hugs, Chris # 15

  13. I DO like her as much as you do! ♥♥♥ (and I think it's perfectly okay to say you love something you've made!)

  14. I love the designs, you are so talented.Happy Anniversary Karen #101

  15. No wonder you are pleased with this. I agree with you about loving white space. There are times when it is good to let the images stand on their own rather than having a background overtake them. This is certainly one of those times.
    I love your unusual design, use of collage in a different way, and your lovely drawings, especially her gorgeous curly hair.
    You inspire me to be more open and adventurous with collage, which I mean as a compliment.
    Thank you also,sweet lady, for your comment on my post and the suggested web-site which I will look up. The doc has discounted worries about crumbly spine now, but not made her mind up about what it is. At least pain seems to be masked a lot by the pills. You are very kind and I thank you so much.

  16. You have every right to be pleased with your work ... she is so serene. Perfect.
    Sandra de

  17. What a delightfully arty desk
    Happy Belated 5th WoYwW Anniversary xo I'm still trying to catch up!
    Hugs Minxy #4

  18. What a fun page love how you blended everything together
    Happy Belated WOYWW 5 hugs Nikki 32my Desk

  19. Belated happy 5th WOYWW anniversary! The week has gone by so quickly
    and I am still trying to visit for last week! I LOVE it when artists love their work! She did turn out really well, didn't she?
    Blessings and hugs,
    peggy aplSEEDS