Monday, 13 October 2014

More Molded Stamps.

Following on from my last post I have been creating some more stamps from moldable foam.

The one on the left was made from sequin waste and the one on the right was from a hair dryer.

With these stamps, together with the little bird stamp that I made a while ago, I made this little print.

Some things make better stamps than others. This household plastic peg turned out well.

But when I pressed the heated stamp onto a group of  beads with a ridged pattern on them and saw the imprint they made, I thought 'ooh! what a lovely pattern they look like seed pods'. But the print came out like this.

I was forgetting that only the surface of the foam stamp would print and all that lovely texture was to deeply embedded into the foam. Lesson learned. Lol!  But it is still rather interesting.

I have used Tim |Holtz Distress Inks here but you can use acrylic paint. But a word of advise. Have some baby wipes at hand and clean them well before you re-heat them or you will not be able to remove the paint.

Thanks for visiting. x


  1. Fab experimenting with your moldable foam Fuzzie Fingers!

  2. I love the pattern from the hairdryer! I have bought these more than a year ago and still didn't try them. To be honest, I forgot I had them. You've given me inspiration ... :-)

  3. I really love your bird piece...that came out so elegantly!

  4. I love these, Fuzzie! Particularly the hair dryer one. What an absolute inspiration! Were you on a texture hunt throughout your house? Lol! I've got to try this... What fun you are having with these mouldable stamps.


  5. Excellent stamping ideas Carol, I like them all, but I particularly like the bead one. Reminds me of blueberries, lol. :o))

  6. I have some of this moldable foam but have not tried it yet. Looks like fun.